Ward Melenich, Founder of the Kuroinukan and Excellent Laugher

Ward has been participating in the martial arts since his “corrective shoe, four eyed, school yard days”.  His career includes high school and college wresting, Danzan Ryu Jujutsu and Judo.

Why is the dojo called “The School of the Black Dog”?  Why would someone spend a life pursuing martial arts?  How does hunting relate to martial arts?  How does a school in Northern Minnesota have so many black belts?

The Kuroinukan now hosts Camp Kodenkan Midwest, a tradition started by Ward’s instructor, Professor Pat Browne.  This year camp was August 9-12, 2018. 


The Kuroinukan hosts the web page: www.kuroinukan.com, where you can find Ward’s Rant, The Duluth Judo Club, and the Duluth Wrestling Club.

Ward can be contacted at duluthjudo@yahoo.com

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