The Donuts of Trakas

“The hole defines the donut,
the donut is not the hole.”

Once Upon a Time some aikidoists and jujitsukas were having camps at the same time, at the same location.

One day two aikidoists locked themselves out of their room. They were distraught, whatever would they do?

As luck would have it, two jujitsukas were passing by, noticed their distress and listened to they sad story. They took pity on the aikidoists, scaling the building and expertly popping the lock with a butter knife.

The aikidoists, overcome with gratitude, presented on of the jujitsukas with a box of Entenmann’s donuts. The donuts remained uneaten by the end of jujitsu camp and came to be honored as a symbol of harmony and kokua.

This fable of the Donuts of Trakas is true. The tradition of the passing of the donuts started in 1984, the second year at Camp Kodenkan Midwest. For many years afterward, one of the black belts attending camp was chosen for this honor.

The donuts remained in their original box (held together with athletic tape) and are said to have strong magical powers. (They have reputed powers as an aphrodisiac, among other qualities.)