School Handbook Introduction

This handbook addresses the essentials of participating in the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation (AJJF). The handbook’s purpose is to:

  1. State the mission and goals of the AJJF.
  2. Clarify the administrative structure of the AJJF.
  3. Address how registants and schools can participate in the AJJF.
  4. Assist new school heads in developing their schools and help existing school heads to fully use the resources of the AJJF.

In using this manual, note that only individuals’ position titles are used. To find the current name, address, and phone number of the person holding that position, look in a current issue of the Kiai Echo, the AJJF website (, or the current organizational chart available through the AJJF Central Office. This handbook uses the current titles for various boards of the AJJF, the titles of which have changed over time.  

Current Title Past Titles
Board Of Professors Board of Directors
Senior Board of Professors
Junior Board of Professors
Operations Committee Executive Board of Directors
Administrative Board of Directors


Change Requests

This handbook is intended to be self-explanatory. If you have suggestions for improvement, please fill out a “School Handbook Revision Form” and send it to the School Handbook Editor (i.e., Secretary of the Operations Committee). Or contact the AJJF Operations Committee chair by email at gro.fjja@riahc. For trivial corrections skip the process described above and quickly dash off an email to the webmaster.