Redding Jujitsu Academy held a Kata Contest with a great turnout this last November. Below are the results, congrats to all the participants for getting out there and challenging themselves! Thanks to the members of RJA for hosting yet another great event.


Division Level Team Dojo
PeaWee Novice River Sewell – Amylia Vanderbeck Redding Jujitsu Academy 1
Junior Beginner Ellie Moore – Ally Klotzer Redding Jujitsu Academy 1
Junior Beginner Dakotah Gutierrez – singleton Redding Jujitsu Academy 2
Junior Beginner Emma Crawford – singleton Hale O Lima Kokua 3
Junior Beginner Klara Bodner – Sylvella Kirby Redding Jujitsu Academy 4
Junior Advanced Beginner Brock Barry – Josiah Moore Redding Jujitsu Academy 1
Junior Advanced Beginner Jonathon Ala – singleton Redding Jujitsu Academy 2
Junior Advanced Beginner Ozzy Robles – Christopher Smithwood Redding Jujitsu Academy 3
Junior Advanced Ali Meyer – Izzy Meyer Redding Jujitsu Academy 1
Senior Beginner White Tanya Kumar – singleton Makoto Kai 1
Senior Beginner White Tannen Olsen – Balen Olsen Hale O Lima Kokua 2
Senior Beginner White Sam Florence – singleton Hale O Lima Kokua 3
Senior Beginner White Jayce Keyes – singleton Chico Kodenkan 4
Senior Advanced Beginner Blue Toni Ceaser – Patrick Beik Redding Jujitsu Academy 1
High Score Overall
Senior Advanced Beginner Blue Wendell DelaVaughn – singleton Makoto Kai 2
Senior Advanced Beginner Blue Jessica JZ Briggs – Trent Puelicher Chico Kodenkan 3
Senior Advanced Brown (3,2) Cesar Espina – singleton Makoto Kai 1
High Score Combative
Senior Advanced Brown (3,2) Zarrin Klotzer – Travis De Colto Redding Jujitsu Academy 2
Senior Advanced Brown (1) Scott Wolf – Olivia Brown Latham Chico Kodenkan 1
Open Black Belt
Jered Hallstrom – Scott Fairfield
Redding Jujitsu Academy
Open Black Belt
Michael Thompson – singleton Makoto Kai