Yoshin Jitsu Kai held an in-person freestyle contest on March 27 2022. This was the first general invitation, in person event offered by the dojo since the beginning of COVID restrictions. We had participants from Shin Wa Kai, Yoshin Jitsu Kai, Davis Judo Kai and Chiku Shin Dojo and had three divisions for competition. Here are the results:

Black Belt

  • Dan Linder 1st
  • Dave Klaus 2nd
  • Derrick Psaros 3rd
  • John Duncan

Brown Belt

  • Francis Morrissey 1st
  • Mehrdad Moallem 2nd

Blue Belt

  • Anastasia Goold 1st

Thanks, also to judge Tim Merrill and scorekeeper Jerry Lum. Not pictured below – host and judge Richard H Howell.

Kata Contest Contestants and Judge and Scorekeeper

With kokua
Richard H Howell