School Head’s Resource Center

This page is focused entirely on your needs as an AJJF School Head. It is here to help you find any official AJJF documents, forms, or contacts that you may need.

Your first link is to our on-line, and frequently updated AJJF School Handbook. All revisions and updates for the AJJF School Handbook (On-Line or Printed) are reviewed and recommended by the Operations Committee and the Board of Professors before they are updated. Please send all requests for such to the Operations – Attn: School Handbook Review Committee.

One of the most important decisions made lately in the AJJF is the official AJJF “PRINTED” school handbook will only be mailed to new schools. All updates and revisions will be posted only ON-LINE on the AJJF School Handbook web page. There will be notifications of what sections are updated, periodically. You may print out any of the pages and put them in your own school handbooks at your convenience. They will not be mailed to you or emailed to you. This is simply because we have too many schools now!

We welcome your ideas about information that can be made available on this new page. One of the possibilities is to generate an AJJF School Heads FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to cover topics from, “How do I resize the Competition Application Form to print correctly on my Deskjet?”, to “Are there any guidelines or advice on how to advertise my new school?”. Since we are all concerned about insurance, we would like everyone’s feedback about developing a column or an Insurance FAQ.

This is your Resource Center, let us know what you need.

Here are some important pages you may need: