New Program Proposal

The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation grows from within by encouraging its registrants to develop new and exciting programs that could spread Danzan Ryu and the teachings of Master Henry Okazaki.

Normally proposals are brought before the Board of Professors or the Operations Committee to receive approval and funding. The following information is usually needed by the board(s) before they can make an informed decision. By writing up a solid proposal with all the relevant information the board will be able to act quickly on your ideas.

Contact Information

Name of Submitter: ___________________________

Mailing Address:   _______________________________________________


E-mail Address:    ___________________________

Telephone Number:  ___________________________ (day)

                   ___________________________ (weekends)

FAX Number:        ___________________________

New Program Checklist

  • Briefly state how and who this proposed program benefits.
  • Cost to develop and cost to maintain program if approved.
    • Does the new program cost nothing,
    • pay for it self. or
    • does it make money for the AJJF?
    • Explain.
  • How long will it take you to develop this program.
  • Include a basic curriculum or syllabus for the program.
  • List the qualifications for the people leading and assisting in the program (if any qualifications are needed).

The AJJF Board of Professors will have the final vote for all programs. The Operations Committee will expedite this process (target: within 30 days) upon receiving the above information for the BOP vote to approve or deny further progress of program as submitted.