Forms & References

References and Guides
Code of Conduct and Procedures for Conflict Resolution, 3rd Edition PDF   2011-Sep
Organizational Chart of the AJJF Operations Committee GIF   2016-Mar
Contests and Clinics
Clinic Hosting Guide PDF   2010-Sep
Contest Hosting Checklist PDF   2010-Sep
Contest Rules PDF   2011-Aug
Contest Quick-Reference (Kata) PDF   2011-Aug
Contest Quick-Reference (Freestyle) PDF   2011-Aug
Contest Quick-Reference (Sumo) PDF   2009-Feb
Contest Quick-Reference (Demo) PDF   2009-Feb
Contest/Clinic Results Form PDF   1999-Sep
Demonstration Team Contest Judging Form PDF   2008-Nov
Event Sanction Application Form Online   2020-Aug
Event Contestant Spread Sheet PDF – Excel   2005-May
Freestyle Contest Judging Form PDF   2001-Apr
AJJF Event Participant Form PDF   2007-Sep
Kata Contest Judging Form PDF   2010-Mar
Waiver for Events (Participant’s Release & Registration) Form PDF   2013-Jan
Exam Preparation Guide PDF   2017-Aug
Application for Examinations PDF   2010-Oct
Concussion Fact Sheet PDF   2016-Jul
Ethics Statement PDF   2011-Sep
Ethics and Risk Management Course PDF   2012-Feb
Examination Activity Record Sheet PDF   1999-Sep
Mokuroku Order Form PDF   2012-Mar
Request for Duplicate Blackbelt Certificate PDF   1999-Jun
Sensei Letter of Recommendation PDF   2001-Feb
Sandan Anatomy Examination Study Guide n/a n/a 1999-Sep
Sandan/Yodan Instructor Activity Form PDF   2011-Apr
Shodan Promotion List PDF   2002-Nov
Time In Grade Waiver PDF   2002-Oct
Reimbursement Request Form Online   2018-Dec
Okazaki Scholarship Application for Conventions Online   2013-Nov
Christopher Ball Shodan Scholarship PDF  


Professor Pat Browne DZRRT Scholarship External Link    
School Head Resources
Additional School Location Application PDF   2012-Sep
Registration Application (New or Renewal or Event) PDF   2013-Jan
New School Application PDF   2012-Sep
New Program Proposal n/a   2000-Aug
Non-DZR Program Insurance Coverage Application Online   2020-Aug
School Head Change Application PDF   2012-Sep
School Registration Renewal and Request to Change School Information Form PDF   2007-Jun
Background Screening Application Online  
Confidentiality Policy PDF   2011-Mar
Athletic Taping Examination PDF   2006-Sep
Custom Certificate Application PDF   2007-Jun
DZRSI Continuing Education Log PDF   2003-Dec
School Handbook Revision Form PDF   1999-Sep
IJF Judo Rules 2018 rev PDF   2018-Apr