How To Order Printed Kata Manuals

Please read each page carefully as it may contain requirements.

The AJJF has an agreement with an online supplier to sell our manuals. The manual for each of the AJJF boards has its own link which takes you to an unlisted web page where you can order as many of the manuals as you wish and have them shipped to you. Be aware that shipping for a single booklet is significant (about 1/3 the total cost for one manual), but the fraction is smaller, the more manuals you purchase. Once you have the manuals in hand, you may provide manuals to your students as you feel appropriate.

If you do not wish to purchase the manuals for your students yourself, you may furnish a student with the appropriate link to buy them. Possession of the link is all they need to purchase that manual. The student must be informed that they are not permitted to share the link with anyone or to buy manuals for other students.

Don’t have the links? If you are a school head you can email gro.fjja@slaunamatak and request the links.

Who decides when to release the links to a student?

The student’s sensei or whomever sensei delegates to.

When should I release a link to a student?

 When you, as sensei, feel they are ready.

Is there anything stopping a student from sharing a link once they have it?

No. We are requesting that this not happen, but we also recognize that there is a balance between convenience and security.

Do I have to release the links?

No. Sensei can handle all the ordering if he/she wishes.