Aloha O’hana! On behalf of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation, I would like to profoundly thank you for helping us each year through your generous donations to our specialized funds: Christopher Ball Shodan Scholarship, General Fund, Kokua Fund, Professor Pat Browne Massage Scholarship, and the Wounded Warrior Fund. All the money we collect goes toward helping our students in need of assistance for specific AJJF programs, and to help keep the operations of the AJJF running as smooth as possible.

We are improving our programs each year but still fall short in the services we would like to provide you. Financially speaking our funds have very low balances. So, we are dependent on your donations to provide the money necessary to run these programs. We have received donations from many individuals, and from programs such as Black Belt Camp 2015, and a Judo Tournament in 2016. Each year, along with your registrations and membership fees, your donations help us provide all the scholarships, clinics, camps and conventions that you would see on the AJJF Website Calendar. As an IRS Code 501c(3) Non- Profit Organization, the AJJF is able to accept donations in many forms, such as: Monthly direct deposits, PayPal, securities, life insurance beneficiary, IRA beneficiary, employer matching, and Estate Plan annual gifting. Any amount that you may wish to donate is greatly appreciated!

Our collective Kokua helps the AJJF help you, we all serve each other. Without you, none of this would be possible. By going to our website from the main page you can click on Registrant Services and a drop down box will appear. Then click on Donate to the AJJF. This will take you to a description of each fund from which you can choose and, then enter the amount that is appropriate for you. This will take you to a credit card/PayPal page to complete your transaction. Should you wish to donate another way or have any questions please feel comfortable in contacting me personally. A formal AJJF receipt will be generated for large donations to provide to your tax professional. Toward the bottom of our AJJF Donations page is a Wall of Gratitude button on which to click.

As we work together in an exciting 2017, please help The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation be the best it can be; better every year for you. Once again, we appreciate your consideration very much.

Mahalo for your Kokua!
Sensei Matthew G. Moller, Godan
AJJF Chair Fundraising, Initiatives.
Mesa, AZ.

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