Online Danzan Ryu Class Instructor Proposal

Online Danzan Ryu Class Proposal

Please use the form below to tell us about the online Danzan Ryu class that you would like to teach.

We sincerely want to support your participation in the delivery of online Danzan Ryu classes. Thank you!

Instructor Information

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You must be a current AJJF member to teach an AJJF Online Danzan Ryu class. Lifetime members: enter 01/01/2029.
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Please ensure that your background screen status is current. If you are unsure, select the 'contact me' option.

Class Proposal

Please choose a Danzan Ryu martial arts and/or healing arts topic. This can be any Danzan Ryu board, core concept or applied concept. Topics appropriate for an online Danzan Ryu class are similar to topics appropriate for National Convention.

At this time we are not accepting class proposals for non-Danzan Ryu topics.

Class topic in just one or a few words
Short class title that captures the essence of the class
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Indicate whether you want attendees of your class to wear a uniform.
Describe your class in a way that informs potential attendees and attracts them to your class. Keep in mind that new students may not be familiar with some of the technical terms we use on the mat.
Please provide a short bio to go with the class description.

Class Schedule

Select day-of-the-week and time-of-day for a weekly one hour class. You can select whatever weekday and time-of-day you like. Consider day/time selections that will make your class accessible to students.

Classes will run within a calendar month, e.g., March 2020. Your class should include anywhere from one to four class sessions within a calendar month.

Calendar Month *
Select the calendar month in which you would teach the proposed class. Class proposals are currently being accepted for the calendar month(s) in the list.
Select the preferred day of the week for a weekly class during the selected month.
Select the preferred start time of the one-hour weekly recurring class.
Enter the time zone of the Class Time of Day
Number of class sessions *
How many one-hour class sessions will your class be offered during the month. In other words, will your class be a single session, or multiple?
Add any additional comments or requests about the dates and times of your proposed class. If desired, let us know if you are open to alternative days/times.
A course may be cancelled if there are fewer than five paid attendees. If you would like to set a higher or a lower minimum number of attendees for your class, enter the minimum number here.

Online Instruction

Online instruction is different than in-person instruction. Consider ways to use the online format and technology in a way that enhances the learning experience of students in the class. Use your great talent, deep experience and unique creativity to bridge the gap between you and your remote class attendees.

For helpful information, link here to the Instructor Guide to Home-Safe Online Sanctioned Events.

Comfort Level with Teaching Danzan Ryu via Zoom *
Online classes will use Zoom videoconference technology. Rate your comfort level with using Zoom to deliver online instruction.
Zoom Feature Use
Select the zoom features that you plan to use in your class. Check all that apply.
List any props or materials that class participants will need. Indicate whether props/materials are optional or required.
Please enter any questions or other comments.