2019 AJJF National Freestyle Contest

Welcome to the AJJF National Freestyle Contest to be held at the 71st Annual National Convention in Chicago, IL. The contest is for the men, women of the AJJF Yonkyu and up (green belt and up) and children age 7-12. The contest will be held during the lunchtime hours on Saturday April 29th ALL ENTRANTS MUST BE AJJF REGISTRANTS.

It is open to everyone and we encourage you to enter. EVEN and ESPECIALLY IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME. We know you will definitely enjoy the ohana and kokua of our contest.

Special Note To Children Attending The Convention: We would really like all of you to participate in the contest. It’s really fun and easy. .. If you have competed in the contest before we know you know how much fun it can be so please come back and play again….

ARE YOU SCARED…ARE YOU AFRAID OF WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT THINK… ARE YOU AFRAID YOU WON’T DO WELL…. Well just get that out of your mind. I know I was scared the first time I entered a contest. I know a lot of people that were frightened. But please trust me when I say the contest format makes it easy for anyone to enter of any experience. It is safe and most of all– everyone will help you and are there for you. Remember Jujitsu is about enhancing your character and life. Think of this contest as a way to survive out of your comfort zone….

Why Should You Enter The Contest:

  1. Freestyle is a great way to enhance your jujitsu training. It is a way to measure how you would actually use your techniques in a combat situation. Since there is very little time to think and plan during the freestyle contest it simulates the stress of an actual self-defense situation. By competing you can see how you are progressing and utilizing your arts.
  1. It’s a fun event. As you may or may not know, convention is a great place to socialize with your extended family that you may only see a few times a year at our events. If you are new to our convention you will find that you meet new friends from around the world that you would normally not have a chance to meet. You continue to see these new friends a couple times each year at our events and they become an extended family. Our freestyle contest is an event that you can share and “play” with your new friends.

It’s Very Simple To Enter The Contest:

  1. Complete the registration form/waiver which you can find here and online at our website.


  2. Print out and complete the Freestyle contest score sheet and make 4 copies of it. In the host dojo field put 2017 National Convention.
  1. Mail the completed registration form/waiver and contest forms with a check made out to the A.J.J.F. for $20 dollars to: AJJF National Freestyle Contest  236 Garden Common   Livermore, California 94551
  1. You may also register at the convention. However we will be limiting each division to 10 participants max… And the same day registration fee is $25.
  1. When you check into the convention at the front desk go to the contest table which will be located at the front We will make sure all your paperwork is in order and tell you what to do next.