Makoto Kai hosted our annual tournament on May 4, 2019. It was our 29th annual contest. Like most years it was a kata contest.

Contestants, judges and family from eight regional schools gathered on a sunny spring day for the tournament. Many drove for hours in each direction to the competition.

For some, a tournament is a fun romp. For others it is nerve-racking! If you are in the category that finds tournaments nerve-racking, I can assure you that it gets a little easier each time you compete.

In any case, a kata tournament is a great way to practice for black belt examination. And you can begin that practice at any rank. You get extra work on some techniques, you get to demonstrate under a spotlight, and you get feedback from black belt judges.

Many thanks to our families who support us and our training, to the contestants who prepared and competed, to the judges who gave their time and expertise, and to everyone from Makoto Kai who helped make the contest run smoothly.

Division Level Team Dojo Place
Age 4 – 6 Beg Lake Smithline / singleton Makoto Kai 1
Age 4 – 6 Beg Levi Coultas / Dylan Coultas Redding Jujitsu Academy 2
Age 4 – 6 Beg Alec Galachyan / singleton Nemuri Kuma 3
Age 7 – 9 Beg Wendell DelaVaughn / Julian Aguilar Makoto Kai 1
Age 7 – 9 Beg Miles Walter / Elise Smithline Makoto Kai 2
Age 7 – 9 Int Sam Seeley / Lucas Shobe Makoto Kai 1
Age 10 – 12 Int Madilyn Watkins / Eleanor Watkins Makoto Kai 1
Age 10 – 12 Int Amelie Enger / Clair Garrett Wasenshi Kan 2
Age 10 – 12 Adv Ashlynn Whitehead / Kaitlynn Whitehead Jobu Shin Kan 1 – junior high score combative sequence
Age 10 – 12 Adv Celeste Plascencia / Cora Lambie Makoto Kai 2
Age 10 – 12 Adv Dominik Kasparek / singleton Nemuri Kuma 3
Age 13 – 15 Adv Ronan Lambie / Lillian Shobe Makoto Kai 1  – junior high score kata
Age 13 – 15 Adv Christian Brown / singleton Nemuri Kuma 2
Adult Blue Nate Seeley / singleton Makoto Kai 1
Adult Blue Cesar Espina / Vince Seeley Makoto Kai 2
Adult Green Sara Rogers / Jeff Whitehead Jobu Shin Kan 1
Adult Green Mayra Plascencia / Jon-Paul Valcarenghi Makoto Kai 2
Adult Green Baden Blankenship / Sojourner Thompson Davis Ju-do Kai / Seidokan 3
Adult Brown Scott Blankenship / Jean Frost Davis Ju-do Kai 1 – kyu high score
Adult Brown Seth Watkins / Brian Mayer Wasenshi Kan 2
Black Belt Diane Carlson / Jessica Conover Seidokan / Davis Ju-do Kai 1
Black Belt Nerissa Freeman / Rodrigo Garcia Wasenshi Kan 2 (tie)
Black Belt Joe Bendorf / Michael Thompson Makoto Kai 2 (tie)
Black Belt Erin Carlson / Jason Spake Davis Ju-do Kai 3
Junior High Scores

Junior High Scores

Senior Participants

Senior Participants

Co-School Head, Makoto Kai
Katie Murphy Stevens

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