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New Articles:

Black Belt Promotions March 2019

DZRSI Healing Arts at Your Event Now or Online in the Future – by Cynthia Frueh

Black Belt Promotions National Convention, April 2019

AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes March 17, 2019

True Stories and Other Damage Podcast with Professor Jane Carr – by Ryan Welles

The AJJF Black Belt Exam Process – by Lyle Najita

2019 AJJF National Freestyle Contest – by John Pfund

Shu, Ha Ri… Kokoro… Discussing The Five Stages of Learning – by Kintaro sensei.

Makoto Kai Kata Contest Results, May 2019 – by Katie Murphy Stevens

The 35 Kappo: Origins – by Robert Reish

AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes June 9, 2019

Black Belt Promotions August 2019

Wasenshi Kan Annual Freestyle Contest Results 9/30/2019

Black Belt Promotions November 2019

Black Belt Promotions November 22, 2019

Redding Jujutsu Academy Kata Contest Results November 2, 2019

Black Belt Promotions December 6, 2019

All Members Banquet Memories – Katie Murphy Stevens

SW Regional Black Belt Promotions, January 2020

Teaching Jujutsu Using Principles of Motor Learning – by Nerissa Freeman

Six Dimensions of Training – by Professor Hillary Kaplowitz

It Ain’t Satsuzai… But Then Again – by Jay Drew