Editor’s Note: We have finished the first year of our new workflow: constant, rapid release of articles, followed by an annual traditional anthology of the Kiai Echo. This year, the anthology will be provided, as a hard copy, to those who registered for the AJJF National Convention by March 1, 2018. After convention it will be available to everyone as a PDF download, and as a pay-for-print-and-mail option. New rapid release articles  will be linked below as they become available:

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New Articles:

Black Belt Promotions February 2018

True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Jason Davis by Ryan Welles

AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes April 1, 2018

Black Belt Promotions March 2, 2018 – April 4, 2018

Diving Under the Water: The Humiliating Origin of Mizukuguri – by Professor George Arrington

True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Howard Wilson by Ryan Welles


Black Belt Promotions April 2018

True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Hillary Kaplowitz, Danzan Ryu AJJF Professor – by Ryan Welles

Getting Out of House – by Sohn Wehseler

DZR and life outside of the Dojo, Pete St. Pierre speaks with Bay Area MA Podcast

The AJJF National Convention Grappling Contest – by Jose Gonzalez