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Articles in this issue:

Editor’s Corner – Stephen Balzac

Danzan Ryu — A Healing Art – Dan Browning

Get To Know Your AJJF! – Dominic Beltrami

Camp Midwest Pictures – Dan Browning

Go? Ju? – Tom Ball

Exam Basics – Edilberto Farinas

Path to Shodan – Peter Sweeny

Black Belt Promotions

Promotion and Competition: A Rite of Passage – Jeff Ingold

2015 AJJF National Convention
Palmetto Fall Clinic Pictures – Tom Ryan

Kamakani – Kimo Williams

You Are Not a White Belt Anymore – Tim Roosevelt

AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes September 12-13, 2014

In Recognition of the American Jujitsu Institute of Hawai’i’s 75th Anniversary

Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2014

AJJF Organization and Committees

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