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Articles in this issue:

Keith Okazaki

Editor’s Corner – Stephen Balzac

Danzan Ryu: A System of Kodenkan Judo and Jujitsu – Tom Ryan

Danzan: Form, Function, and Freedom – Kimo Williams

Kenshokan Martial Arts Academy Hosts the AJJF’s first Judo Randori Contest in Two Decades and Lives to Tell the Tale – Gregory Poretz

On the Origins of Okazaki Seishiro’s Mind-Body Training (Part 2) – George Arrington

The Importance of the Moment – Doug Musser

Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2013

Wasenshi Kan Martial & Healing Arts Freestyle Contest 2013

AJJF Board of Directors Meeting April 4, 2013

AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting June 9, 2013

AJJF Board of Directors Meeting June 13, 2013

Black Belt Promotions 2013

Sensei Keith Pollack – Jillian Onesi

AJJF Organization and Committees

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