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Articles in this issue:

Camellia – Melissa Raum

Editor’s Corner – Stephen Balzac

Engineer to Bodywork – Ryan Shawgo

Munen Musow, the Death Race, and the Boston Marathon Bombings – Joshua Grant

Convention Survey Report – Nerissa Freeman

On the Origins of Okazaki Seishiro’s Mind-Body Training – George Arrington

Convention 2013: Year of the Aloha – Gregory Poretz, Annette Stawsky, Brian Schrock, Zachary Kauffman, Kailey Poretz, Shane Robson

Camp Kodenkan North June 26-30, 2013 – Nerissa Freeman

2012 Palmetto Fall Clinic – Tom Ryan

AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting February 10, 2013

AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting March 3, 2013

AJJF Board of Professors Meeting April 4, 2013

Black Belt Promotions 2013

AJJF Organization and Committees

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