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Articles in this issue:

Senior Professor Tom Ball and Werner Armbrust

Editor’s Corner – Stephen Balzac

Watch and Learn Mental Practice and Vicarious Rehearsal in Your Training – Hillary Kaplowitz

Hydrocephalus and my Journey in Danzan Ryu – Ivan Ochoa

Fifty Years of Love and Experience – Phil Copitch

Why Should A Martial Artist Understand And Appreciate Human Anatomy? – Jane Carr

Buffalo Summer Clinic – Katie Murphy Stevens

The Uke Problem – George Arrington

AJJF Board of Professors Meeting Minutes Dec 8, 2013

Black Belt Promotions 2013

66th Annual AJJF National Convention

Redding Jujitsu Academy Kata Contest 2013

40 Years of Camp Kodenkan North – Nerissa Freeman

Clinics and Contests Update – John Pfund

AJJF Organization and Committees

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