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Articles in this issue:

Sensei Don House and Zach Burgess – Ryan Shawgo

Editor’s Corner – Stephen Balzac

A Few Notes on the Names of Our Techniques – Tom Ball

Back to the “Kumu” – Tom Ryan

BOP Restructuring – Dennis Estes

Buffalo Jujitsu Continues to Grow – Gerry Halligan

What Professor Okazaki Taught about Sparring – Tom Lang

Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu Kata Contest 2012

AJJF National Freestyle Contest Convention 2012

Camp Kodenkan North 2012

Kids’ Camp 2012

AJJF Board of Directors Meeting March 4, 2012

AJJF Board of Directors Meeting March 15, 2012

Black Belt Exam Changes – Dominic Beltrami

Black Belt Promotions 2012

AJJF Organization and Committees

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