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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the AJJF website.

I found a problem with the website. How do I report this?

If you found what appears to be something broken, missing or otherwise just doesn’t seem right please let us know using the form below.

Contact The Web Team About An Issue
I can't find what I am looking for...

If you cannot locate the content or page you are looking for be sure to try searching for it using the little search icon at the far right of the menu bar.

Can’t seem to find that search icon? Try the search page.

Where can I get Kata manuals?

The student’s sensei or whomever the sensei delegates this responsibility to will have the links to purchase the kata manuals.

I'm ready to test! Now what?

Information on testing requirements and procedures can be found in the School Heads Resource Center

There is also a separate FAQ page setup for black belt examination questions found here.

Where can I renew my AJJF membership?

You can easily renew your AJJF membership online here.