Journeys to various martial arts seminars, clinics and camps are opportunities of great learning.  Some we attend because they are familiar, some because they are near, and some because of convenience.  For many of you out there in AJJF land, this camp is probably none of these.

Camp Kodenkan Midwest began in 1983 under the supervision of Professor Patrick Browne.  The 10 day intensive camp brought in many Professors, Sensei and students from all over the country, and occasionally from different parts of the world.  Although Professor Browne died far too soon in 1996, his legacy lives on with a great camp that has moved around from place to place, but always held true to his ideals.  This year will again see Camp Kodenkan Midwest held in the beautiful tourist city of Duluth, MN August 9-12.

“Getting out of house” means exactly that:  for many of you this could be a true pilgrimage to visit your AJJF family in a new, transformational way.  In the winter, Duluth is a desolate tundra, but come summer it blossoms into something people come from worldwide to visit.  On the tip of Lake Superior, the port city of Duluth is home to the largest lift bridge in the world. If you can make the time you should dig your feet into Park Point’s 7 mile long sandy beach and enjoy stunning views of a city resting on a glacially carved hill.  Camp is held just outside Duluth on a gorgeous 5 acres of manicured jujutsu farm, surrounded by stands of pines. Much like Camp North, AJJF family has the opportunity to camp on grounds for an authentic camp experience, or stay with one of our hosts. All the meals are incredible (made right before your eyes) and guests can enjoy the hot tub, sauna, zip line, and fireside evenings.  The classes offered include all of your favorites, along with some aikido, judo, dancing, cutting with live sword blades, and more. Our hired guns this year will come from both the west and east coasts: Professor Hillary Kaplowitz, and Super Senior Instructor Barb Gessner. Many other sensei and senior instructors will be avaiulable to attend to your every heart’s desire.

Ward & Sohn want to personally invite you to join in the tradition that was and is so important to them – so very important to all who knew Professor Pat Browne.

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