Rules to the Exam Candidate


  1. The Candidate may choose his or her Uke. This Uke shall not be from the same school or be someone with whom the Candidate regularly works out. The Uke should be approximately the same size and weight as the Candidate. The Candidate may change Uke at any time and for any reason. It is important to choose an Uke with whom the Candidate can perform their best examination. The Candidate should change Uke if the Candidate determines through the course of the examination that they are not performing their best because of the Uke.
  2. The Candidate should maintain the proper level of control, confidence, determination, adaptability, concentration, and self-control during the entire examination.
  3. The techniques should be performed effectively, smoothly, three quarter speed, not excessively rough, and according to the prescribed method(s) in the Kata Manual when possible.
  4. Always control Uke.
  5. The Candidate should kiai appropriately.
  6. The Candidate is responsible for knowing the Japanese names of the techniques, but if the Candidate is unsure, they may ask the Caller for the English translation of the Japanese name (as printed on the exam form).
  7. If the Candidate believes they have performed the wrong art they should immediately ask to repeat the technique.
  8. The Candidate may request the complete technique description be read from the Kata Manual.
  9. It is the Candidate’s responsibility to inform Uke if a special attack or counter is needed for the technique.
  10. The Candidate must check the weapons before use.
  11. The Candidate may take short breaks at their discretion.
  12. The Candidate may request the examination room be cleared.
  13. The Candidate is responsible for informing the Examiners of any injuries or limitations that will affect the performance of techniques.
  14. The Candidate should feel free to present questions to the Caller or Examiners at any time.


  • Board of Professors
  • Examinations Committee Chair – regarding exam procedures

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