Minimum Requirements For Godan

The candidate must have been an active and AJJF registered Yodan for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years, and must hold a current AJJF membership for at least five (5) years preceding the Godan promotion.

The candidate should have an active Professor act as an advisor in the preparation for the rank of Godan.

The promotion will be made at the discretion of the Board of Professors.

The candidate’s advisor, and three (3) other active Professors must certify they believe the candidate possesses the following skills, knowledge and abilities at a level consistent with the rank of Godan, and recommends to be BOP they be elevated to the rank of Godan.

Minimum Godan Eligibility Requirements

  1. The ability to demonstrate, teach, explain, and elucidate upon the core knowledge of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as taught by the AJJF:
    1. Yawara
    2. Goshin Jitsu
    3. Nage
    4. Shime
    5. Oku
    6. Shinnin
    7. Shinyo
    8. Kappo
    9. Rolls & Falls
    10. Blocks, Kicks & Strikes
    11. Yawara Stick
    12. Kiai No Maki
    13. Any other skills or concepts the BOP feels is appropriate for the candidate.
  2. Hold Certificate of completion from Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute – Module
  3. Hold a certificate of completion of the AJJF Okuden Training, or possess qualifying documented attendance from AJJF Sr. Professor.
  4. Complete a project approved by the candidate’s advisor. Submit the project to the BOP for approval. Project may be developing a program of interest for the AJJF. Hosting Special Events, Conventions, or Camps. Apr-10 Teaching clinics in a special area of expertise. Research of customs, history, martial arts community. And always, serving and holding office on a national or regional level.
  5. Meet the standards of Ethics as set forth in the document Code of Conduct and Procedures for Conflict Resolution
  6. Actively promote Danzan Ryu, and the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation, Inc.
  7. Ever thankful of our founding fathers, their dedication, and knowledge passed on to the ongoing generations.
  8. Any future additions to the requirements for Godan will by the consent of the AJJF Board of Professors.
  9. To be determined by the AJJF Board of Professors.