AJJF Event Sanction Form Cover Sheet


The AJJF reserves the right to Sanction, or deny Sanction of, events that carry the AJJF name.

Further Information


  1. Definition of Sanction
    • The AJJF reserves the right to Sanction, or deny Sanction of, events that carry the AJJF name.
    • For the purpose of this section, “Sanction” is a written approval granted by the “AJJF Sanction Officer”, if the officer is satisfied that the event meets the criteria.
  2. What Events Require a Sanction?
    • Tournament
    • Contest
    • Demonstration, if not held at the address of the registered school.
    • Seminars, Clinics, Camps
  3. For what events are sanctions NOT REQUIRED?
    • Regularly scheduled classes, of an ongoing nature.
    • Another example is periodic Blackbelt classes, “Regularly Scheduled”.
  4. Events that will NOT be approved for Sanction
    • Any contest, tournament or competition which includes:
      1. Cash prizes
      2. Kickboxing
  5. What are the Criteria to receive a Sanction?
    • A current AJJF Registered School must host the event.
    • The Host School Sensei (School Head) must attend the event, or assign an AJJF Blackbelt designee to attend.
    • All participants attending AJJF Events must hold current individual AJJF registrations, annual or temporary.
    • Host sends in the completed, signed application.
      1. With application, the Host must send in the announcement used to advertise the event, that includes the statement,

        AJJF registration is required to participate. Membership cards of ATJA organization also accepted.

    • Appropriate first aid materials and personnel must be available during the activities.
      1. An example would be that someone might be designated as First Aid attendant, having appropriate training. At the very least, someone with current First Aid and CPR training.
      2. An example of what a First Aid kit might include, but not be limited to:
        1. ice
        2. elastic wraps
        3. bandages
        4. athletic tape
        5. topicals
  6. Sanction Officer
    • Appointed by the Chair of the Operations Committee, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
    • Receive completed Sanction applications, review information and approve or not approve.
    • After signing the form, make two (2) copies of the Sanction Form
      1. Mail one copy to Event Director or send it electronically.
      2. Keep original in a file at Sanction Officer’s location.
      3. If Certificate of Additional Insured is requested, submit to AJJF group insurance agent.
  7. Event Participant Tracking
    • For the purposes of tracking information for the Prof Cahill Award for Outstanding Tournament Competitor of the Year, each contest host should send a report of the participants to the Event Tracking Committee by e-mail. Only information about contests are tracked by the Event Tracking Committee. It is not necessary to send information about other events (clinics, black belt classes, etc) to the Event Tracking Committee.


    • Contests – kata, freestyle or demonstration
      1. For each contest, please send the following information:
        1. Location, date, and type of contest
        2. Host name
        3. Responsible Record Keeper name, address, phone, e-mail (The person that supplies the information and can answer any questions about the roster.)
        4. For each participant we need:
          1. Name
          2. AJJF# or date of registration application
          3. Rank
          4. Role they played (contestant, judge, score keeper)
          5. Division
          6. Placement (1st, 2nd, et cetera)
          7. Score (if they competed)
          8. Special Awards
  8. Requesting reimbursement
    • See the FAQ
    • Expense requests for Region Funds must be filed no later than 60 days following the event, barring unforeseeable events such as serious illness, death or natural disaster. If they are not filed by the deadline no reimbursement will be made. In the event of one of the exceptions, the National Manager of Regions has discretion to approve or deny payment. A denial may be appealed in writing to the BOD, which will consider it in the ordinary course of business at its next regularly scheduled meeting.



  • AJJF Event Sanction Application Form, Contestant Spreadsheet and Background Screening Application forms can all be found on the AJJF Forms Page