The AJJF Clinics Programs within the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation are designed to bring together members of various dojo for the purpose of broadening their experience of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and related topics. Besides offering a wider range of instructors than is possible within the dojo setting, national, regional and local clinics and camps provide the opportunity to get to know members of the larger AJJF community.

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I. AJJF Clinic Structure

A. National Clinics

  1. Annual AJJF National Convention
    1. Coordinated by the National Manager of Conventions.
    2. Includes classes in Danzan Ryu and related topics.
    3. Provides opportunity for taking Blackbelt Promotional Examinations.
  2. Danzan Ryu Restorative Therapy Instructional Program
    1. Run by the DZRSI Committee.
  3. Athletic Taping Program
    1. Overseen by the Coordinator of Taping Instruction
    2. Run by Authorized Instructors approved by the Board of Professors

B. Regional Clinics

  1. Regional Seminars
    1. Weekend events offering instruction by visiting Professors and Regional Blackbelts
      1. Include classes in Danzan Ryu and related topics.
    2. Blackbelt Promotional Examinations may be offered as part of these events.
  2. Half or full-day clinics listed on the Regional Calendar
    1. The Regional Manager or the Regional Clinics Manager is responsible for maintaining the Regional Calendar of Events
  3. Classes cover various aspects of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and related topics.
  4. Advertising and promotional assistance is available through both Regional and National Managers of Communications and the Manager of the Kiai Echo.
  5. Regional Clinics can be advertised as AJJF Clinics.
  6. Detailed information on hosting a clinic is outlined in the free downloadable booklet: How to Host an AJJF Clinic or Seminar.

C. Local Clinics

  1. Those run independently of the Regional or National Clinics programs.
  2. Topics can include anything the host wishes to offer.
  3. Advertising and promotion are handled by the instructor or host dojo.
  4. Detailed information on hosting a clinic is outlined in the free downloadable booklet: How to Host an AJJF Clinic or Seminar.

D. Camps

  1. Run either regionally or independently.
  2. Current camps (Contact your Regional Managers for information):
    1. Camp Kodenkan North
    2. Camp Kodenkan South
    3. Camp Kodenkan Midwest
    4. Jujitsu Camp Hawaii
    5. Region 4 Summer Camp

II. AJJF Events

A. Sanctioning AJJF Events

  1. Any event that is advertised as “AJJF” must be sanctioned.
  2. Host gives date and description to manager of their region.
    1. Regional Manager lists the event on the Regional Calendar and the AJJF Website.
  3. Host applies for Sanction from AJJF Sanction Officer.
  4. All participants must be AJJF registrants.

B. Classification of Events

  1. AJJF Sponsored Events (Example: National Convention)
    1. Host follows Sanctioning guidelines
    2. Fees go directly to the AJJF
    3. Expenses are reimbursed by the AJJF treasury
    4. Instructors are reimbursed for time and travel by the AJJF treasury
  2. AJJF Events that are NOT Sponsored by the AJJF
    1. Host follows Sanctioning guidelines
    2. Individual Host collects and disburses money as needed
    3. A donation made to the AJJF treasury, either National or Regional is greatly appreciated, as the event benefited from Federation registrant participation.

III. Professors’ Visitations

  1. Ideally, each dojo could have an AJJF Professor visit at least once every year or two.
  2. The visit would be incorporated with weekend Regional events, to minimize cost.
  3. Financial assistance is available to help provide travel expenses when needed.
  4. Most of the expenses for such an event can be covered through regional funds, dojo contributions, and/or nominal clinic fees.
  5. To schedule or request an AJJF Clinic with a Professor, contact the Chair of Clinics and Contests.


  • Chair of Clinics and Contests Committee – see current Kiai Echo or AJJF website.
  • Regional Clinics Coordinator
  • Regional Manager
  • Sanction Officer
  • Massage Program Administrator
  • Coordinator of Taping Program

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