For several years, The Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute (DZRSI) has been offering our Technician & Practitioner programs in an on-line, blended format.  It was conceived as a means of providing training in the healing arts of DZR for smaller isolated dojos and students and as an accommodation to the COVID restrictions.

The academic portion was done on-line and the bodywork practice sessions were done in person with an instructor travelling to work directly with the students.  Much of the design and methodology of this approach was created from scratch due to the singular efforts of Sensei Misty Featherstone.  Several instructors did the work to bring some programs to a successful completion.

While some students fully completed both the on-line work and the in person practice sessions, others did not finish the on-line portion.

Recently the DZRSI Standards Committee compared the cost and the considerable administrative work, relative to the benefit of the on-line program, and determined that the limited success it enjoyed does not support going forward with the on-line program at this time.

With deep regret, the DZRSI’s on-line DZR Restorative Therapies (DZRRT) program has been suspended.

Current enrollees of the on-line program will be allowed to finish their studies but no further enrollment will be accepted.  In-person programs will continue to be offered.

The DZRSI will continue to explore ways to provide training for remote dojos and their students and entertain suggestions from AJJF members regarding the instruction and delivery of the Healing Arts of Danzan Ryu to our members.

In Kokua,

Cynthia Frueh, Chair, On behalf of the DZRSI Standards Committee