For most of us the idea of donating to a charity may make us take a step back and think for a second – do I trust this charity to use the money I donate wisely? Will the money I donate actually get to the programs instead of getting lost in the bureaucracy?

My daughter Hannah and I joined the AJJF and Honshin Kan around 8 years ago and have found that the benefits of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu have positively effected many facets of our lives. Through our years of training we have learned that we are a huge family, helping each other no matter your rank – we all learn and grow together.

Many companies, such as the one for which I work, offer company matching funds on donations to charity which get taken out of your paycheck and donated automatically. The amount you choose to donate is completely up to you and that company match is a wonderful bonus.

There are several programs within the AJJF to which your donation can be applied. I have mine split between the Wounded Warriors and Kokua. With the Wounded Warriors, the donation goes towards helping our soldiers who have come home injured. The Kokua fund helps students at dojos continue or start training regardless if they have the money to pay for class.

There are also the General Fund, Christopher Ball Shodan Scholarship, Master Okazaki Scholarship Fund, and the Professor Pat Brown Massage Fund – all worthy of your ongoing donations.

You can feel confident that your donations will help many people in so many ways!

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