AJJF Statement on COVID-19 (coronavirus)

[July 5, 2020: The text below has been updated to reflect suspension of sanctioned events through Sept 30, 2020]

Dear AJJF Yudansha, 

Thank you for your enduring patience as we continue to adjust our timelines through the ebbs and flows of the current pandemic. With conditions across the nation improving and subsequently deteriorating, we have been intentionally patient as we consider the moratorium on sanctioning events. 

Based on our current evaluation, the CRT, in consultation with the AJJF’s Executive Committee, has decided to extend the suspension of sanctioning AJJF events and examinations through September 30, 2020. 

Sanctions granted for events in the July to September timeframe have been rescinded and the event hosts have been notified. To be clear, during the continued suspension of sanctions, no additional sanctions will be granted for events or exams, regardless of the event date. 

Our goal is to continue to communicate with our AJJF family frequently and provide event hosts sufficient notification prior to the reopening of sanctions to allow for event planning. We appreciate your continued patience and support. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. 

Finally, please allow us to reiterate some important information:

  • AJJF insurance remains in effect for schools and their regular classes that are able to open, subject to local regulation.
  • AJJF insurance continues to provide additional coverage for jujitsu related injuries and explicitly will not cover ANY COVID-19 related medical claims.
  • The moratorium on sanctions ONLY impacts AJJF sanction and funding of activities outside of regularly scheduled dojo classes, through September 30th.
  • You must remain an active dojo for you and your students to be covered by the AJJF insurance during these regularly scheduled classes.
  • AJJF programs are in place to assist you and your students if you have financial concerns about your individual or dojo renewal. Please contact Central Office if you need assistance. 

In the spirit of ‘Ohana and Kokua, 

The AJJF COVID Response Team
Prof. Geoff Lane
Prof. Robert Hudson
Prof.  Robert Hodgkin
Sensei Pete St. Pierre