John Gussman Passes

In Memoriam Ohana John Gussman Coach John Gussman began the study of Kodokan judo in 1962 with Frank Hubbard Sensei in Dearborn, MI. He competed on a national level until 1978. Since that time, he has coached and trained judo competitors on the national and international level. He...
Aug 11, 2022
The Passing of William “Bill” Gessner

The Passing of William “Bill” Gessner

Memorials William “Bill” Gessner, PhD AKA Dr. G Bill Gessner at the age of 92 passed away peacefully in his sleep at home on Jan. 27. 2018 in East Stroudsburg, PA. Bill was a Physics Professor at East Stroudsburg University. He began his jujitsu career in about 1960...
Jan 30, 2018