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Relevant Waza Threat Demonstration

May 4 @ 10:30 am - 3:00 pm



Burbank Danzan Dojo

3201 W.Verdugo Burbank, CA

(858) 752-9410

Questions please contact:  Sensei Ray Scholl

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Time: Seniors: Check In at 10:30 am

Competition at 11:00 am

Fees: $15.00 per person (no entry fee for Dan ranks)

This is an AJJF Sanctioned Event

AJJF membership is required to participate. 

Membership cards of AJJF recognized organizations also accepted – USA Judo and ATJA

Bring your AJJF card; current AJJF membership is required for all participants. One time event.  Memberships are available for $5.00 at registration.

 Judging Forms. Available on site.

 Registration is day of.

Contest fees and a completed Participants’ Release and Registration Form should be received by May 4, 2019. Make checks payable to Danzan Therapeutics.


Senior (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) Senior Black Belt

Please specify Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced on the junior contestant’s judging


CONTEST FORMAT: Team demonstration of the following-

Strategy of the combat art: neutralizes threat via non-resistance, leverage and counter intuitive movements.

Tactical options based on threat level: Remove attack capability-


By injury

By Immobilization


By overwhelming pain

By loss of consciousness

By death

Tactical factors in determining threat level:

Weapons. type and range

Single or multiple personnel

Signs of combat training

Physical advantages. Size, speed, strength

Environmental advantage.

Optional physical threat levels: One per round.

Yellow=  I have advantage.

No weapons, single attacker, seemingly untrained, no physical advantage,            favorable environment.

Orange=  I have disadvantage.

Blunt weapon or, double attacker or, seemingly trained or, some physical advantage or, favorable environment.

Red= Life is threatened.

Blunt, edged or ballistic weapon or, multiple attacker or, obviously trained or, tremendous physical advantage or, favorable environment.

Demonstrate Tactical responses.

Yellow: Neutralize individual weapons.

Remove physical threat via immobilization, pain or mild injury to localized areas causing loss of fighting spirit. I.e small joint locks/breaks, targeted strikes.

Orange: Neutralize weapon systems.

Remove physical threat via major injury to limbs or loss of consciousness. I.e broken arm, damaged knee or blood-choked out of consciousness.

Red: Remove consciousness.

Remove physical threat via rapid loss of consciousness. This may include all available techniques and strike opportunities. Serious injury or death is a strong possibility and must be accepted in advance.

Black belts should be able to rapidly id the threat level as well as state his tactical goals.    He should also be able to give a summary of advantage.

Judges will score demonstrations in each threat level.

Cumulative scores will be tallied and certificates of participation awarded.


May 4
10:30 am - 3:00 pm
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Ray Scholl


Burbank Danzan
3201 W Verdugo Blvd.
Burbank, CA United States
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