AJJF National Convention Kata Tournament

Virtual Event - Online www, Internet

The AJJF is having a Kata tournament prior to the Convention and even though it'll be virtual, it'll be a ton of fun. Kata Tournaments are a great way to enhance your jujitsu training. It allows you to focus on improving specific arts, which in turn will improve the rest of your Jujitsu. The combative […]

Hayashi No Dojo and Shinzen Kai Kata and Freestyle Contest

Shinzenkai 755 Prior Ave., Minneapolis, MN, United States

Hayashi No Dojo and Shinzen Kai are hosting a Kata and Freestyle Contest Event begins at 6pm If you have any questions please contact Sensei Curt Fernandez, 218-348-6109 or moc.liamg@wan05jc Hayashi-No-Dojo-and-Shinzen-Kai flyer 4.29.22

Mushinkan Jujitsu Kata Contest

Mushinkan Jujitsu 2258 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY, United States

Mushinkan Jujitsu is hosting a Kata Contest If you have any questions please contact Professor Marty Brzykcy, 716-491-1941, email moc.loa@ustijujtseuq Mushinkan May 26, 2022 Kata flyer

Kata Contest with Remote Option

Davis Ju-Do Kai 3725 52nd Street, Sacramento, United States

Pre-registration Deadline: September 4, 2022 The Davis Ju-do Kai invites you to a kata contest in Sacramento, Ca. Contestants may enter either in person or via Zoom. Contestants competing via Zoom will be judged in the same division as in-person contestants. All contestants may use this event to satisfy the activity or the contest requirement […]

DZR Chicago 2022 Kata Contest

Danzan Ryu Chicago 538 East Ave., La Grange, IL, United States

Danzan Ryu Chicago Fall Kata Contest 2022 Please join us for fall Kata Contest which will be held at the Park District of La Grange (536 East Ave, La Grange, IL, 60525) ROOM 112 Any questions please contact me at moc.liamg@xtsileudesorx