Wasenshi Kan Black Belt Class

Wasenshi Kan Martial and Healing Arts 327 Main Street, Roseville, CA

Taught by Prof Nerissa Freeman. Appropriate for ranks shodan/up and must have sensei permission to participate. Students must also be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate. Please bring proof of vaccination. As appropriate to students’ ranks, class will cover Danzan Ryu Kata forms through Shinyo no Maki, as well as drills and applications to enhance […]

Camp Hawaii 2023

52-4670 Akoni Pule Hwy Kapaau, Hawaii 96755 52-4670 Akoni Pule Hwy, Kapaau, HI

$165-235: Full Instruction/Housing/ Meals/Camp T-shirt Twenty years ago Thabiti Sabahive of West Side moved to the islands and birthplace of Danzan Ryu Jujitsuto pursue a degree and to start a dojo. We invite you to celebrate the immense community developed over the last two decades. Experience the stunning Kohala Coastline,located in the most isolated portion […]

Twenty-Fourth Annual AJJF Southwest Region Convention

Santa Clarita Valley Jujitsu 26620 Valley Center Drive, Canyon Country, CA

Twenty-Fourth Annual AJJF Southwest Region Convention Featuring Professor Robert Hudson Professor Don Cross Professor Sheryl Hager Professor Troy Shehorn Professor Hillary Kaplowitz Professor Kevin Colton Professor Nerissa Freeman Professor Hans Ingebretsen Sijo Graciela Casillas TBA additional professors and additional guest instructors coming Time: Friday: 1:00pm exams 7-8:30pm Advanced class (Nidan + ) Special training (Shodan […]

Camp Kodenkan North Kids’ Camp

Bear Valley Camp 10425 Bowman Lake Road, Nevada City, CA

Total cost of attending camp is $550.00 A deposit of $50.00 is due by 1 June 2023 and will reserve a space for your child. This deposit is not refundable. Applications received after the 1st will be attached a late fee of $50.00. Cheques payable to “Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu” Post this registration form (linked below) […]

Camp Kodenkan Midwest 2023

Kuroinukan 4048 Fairview Road, Duluth, MN

Respect– Rei True warriors have no reason to be cruel. They do not need to prove their strength. Warriors are not only respected for their strength in battle, but also by their dealings with others. The true strength of a warrior becomes apparent during difficult times. Come to the annual commemoration of the tradition started […]