March 13, 2022

Respectfully submitted, Prof. Hager, AJJF Secretary

Professors in attendance (BOP)
Sr. Professor Ball, Professors Congistre,Carr,Hudson, Lane,Cross,Ryan, Nolte, Hager,
Hill, Hodgkin, Colton, Brzykcy, Shehorn, Kaplowitz, Freeman, Associate Professor

Chair: Prof. Hudson
Scribe: Monica Villanueva

Minutes: September minutes accepted

Committee Reports
Taishi Committee– Prof. Congistre will invite Scott Horouchi to the AJJF virtual
Board of Directors – The AJJF is doing well with monies in the bank. A CPA will be
needed for tax review.

Old Business
Professor Carr Memorial – There were many ideas dedicated to the memory of Professor Carr. Specifically there will be a one page summery submitted by Sr. Professor Ball and Jan Ball. The Kiai Echo will devote an entire issue to her memory. Annual printouts will be available.
Aspinal award – The name will be changed to include Professor Carr. This award will be worked on and presented by Prof. Congistre and Prof. Hager.
Motion: The Aspinal Award will be awarded to the late Professor Carr. Motion Passed unanimously. Professor Hager will accept this award in her honor.

Other Business

The convention schedule is near completion. It will be a great time there will be music
by Kimo Williams, Talk story and awards. The theme for The State of the Union is
A special recognition for the past host who attempted the in person convention the
last two years. The host of the 2023 Convention will be announced.

Exceptions made due to Covid.
There will be exams at Prof. Coltons event. A student may fly to California for a Yodan
exam at this event.
Professors can test their own student during covid.
Virtual events will be accepted as event requirements for exams.
Kata contents- only one dojo is required to be present.

There are upcoming elections for VP, Treasurer and EC.

Executive Committee
Professors in attendance
Sr. Prof. Ball, Professors Congistre, Hudson, Lane, Este, Ryan, Hager, Hodgkin,
Shehorn, Kaplowitz
Other Professors present
Professors Cross,Nolte,Hill,Colton,Brzykcy,Freeman
Chair: Prof. Hudson
Scribe: Monica Villanueva

Minutes: previous minutes accepted
Previous votes since last meeting: Sensei Poretz will have two people testing that have
all of their paperwork completed with no laps in membership. Passed

Committee Reports
OpsCom- there is an extended invitation to apply for positions. Sensei need to
encourage the promotion in action of service.

Council of Senior instructors
1) There is a sensei packet moving forward
2) We are looking for a replacement for the Kiai Echo Editor
3) We are also looking for a CSI member
4) A tribute to Prof. Carr will be held at the school heads meeting.

5) A discussion on the decision of funds . A request was made to consider aa
miscellaneous fund.

Old Business

1) Hotel update: We are currently working with the hotel on the reimbursement of the
5,000.00 deposit. The new owners of the hotel were unaware of the clause with
the right to cancel If we were in Jeopardy of having a low attendance. Though it
may be non refundable
2) The latest schedule of the virtual convention will be sent out to the general
3) The Black belts will be allowed to watch Black Belt exams virtually.
4) There has been a donation to the ajjf to be earmarked to go to the Junior
5) Covid policy is to follow the local guidelines and recommendations based on
state and county regulations.