AJJF Contact Emails & Lists

These email lists are provided by the AJJF. More information on the appropriate use of each follows.


The following table lists various email addresses for service requests.

If you have aContact
Change of e-mail Change of Address FormAJJF Central Office
Membership Question gro.fjja@ocCentral Office
Blackbelt Exam Question gro.fjja@smaxeChair, Exams Committee
AJJF Insurance Question gro.fjja@ecnarusniChair, Insurance & Sactions Committee
Event Sanctioning Question gro.fjja@snoitcnasEvent Saction Officer
Event Tracking Question or Submissiongro.fjja@gnikcarttneveEvent Tracking Committee
AJJF Store Question gro.fjja@erotsAJJF Store
New School Question gro.fjja@sloohcsNew School Committee
Technical Question gro.fjja@retsambewBlackbelt List Manager
Web Update gro.fjja@retsambewAJJF Webmaster
Kiai Echo article gro.fjja@ohceiaikEditor of Kiai Echo
Convention Question gro.fjja@noitnevnocCurrent Convention Team
Travel Reservations gro.fjja@levartAJJF Travel Committee
Online Membership Database Question gro.fjja@nimdABDDatabase Administrator
Founders Awards Question or Submission gro.fjja@sdrawaAwards Committee


gro.fjja@stlebkcalb is the announcement mailing list of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation (AJJF).

This list is intended for use by the organizers of the AJJF and the general membership to disseminate:

  • Information regarding AJJF policies and policy changes
  • Announcement of elections or other official AJJF business
  • Announcement of AJJF sanctioned regional and national camps, clinics or conventions
  • Announcement of DZRSI events/activities
  • Request for information/assistance

Because this list is the fastest mechanism the AJJF has we ask all members of the yudansha with e-mail access to allow their addresses to be added to the list. In exchange, we make every effort to keep the traffic on the list very focused. All requests for removal will be processed in a timely manner.

The gro.fjja@stlebkcalb list should not be used for:

  • passing chain letters & Urban Legends
  • business opportunities
  • virus notices
  • starting discussions
  • long stories/anecdotes
  • questions/suggestions on techniques, etc.
  • sending address changes [please use the Change of Address form instead]

Finally, the blackbelts list should not be used as your personal address book. This list is subject to additions/removals as people join/leave. Three bounced emails and the “bad” address will be taken off the active email list.

How to Use the List

To send mail to every subscriber on the list, send mail to gro.fjja@stlebkcalb. As this is a moderated list, all submissions are approved by a human being. There may be a delay between the time you post a message and the time it appears on the list. Sending repeated messages to the server will not speed this process.

How to Sign up

You can request to be added to the blackbelt list. Please include your full name, your school name, and the email you wish to be subscribed with (yes, your eligibility will be verified!).

If you need to be added to the School Heads’ List, please contact at gro.fjja@sloohcs

How to Request an eMail Change or Removal from a List

Please send a request to gro.fjja@nimdAtsil. Please include your name, the address at which you’d like to receive list emails, and your AJJF registration #. Please indicate if this is a change of address or a new request.