Kata Manual
The BOP has been focusing on reviewing the History and Shinyo no Maki sections of the kata manual.

It was unanimously approved that the 2019 AJJF National Convention be held in Chicago, Illinois. It will be hosted by Sensei Monica Villanueva. The BOP has been working on ideas to help make the Convention schedule of classes easier to understand and help sensei decide what classes would be best for their students.The BOP continues to look for ways to help make Convention be identified as the AJJF’s flagship event. Special trainings and classes are still under discussion to encourage as many registrants to attend as possible. The BOP will be inviting the heads of other DZR organizations to attend the Convention banquet. Scott Horiuchi from the AJI attended last year.

Mat Activities and the Healing Arts
The BOP has formed a committee to study how events are sanctioned and how it may be possible to have more healing arts classes count toward an exam candidate’s mat activities. No changes in current policy are being implemented at this time.

Council of Senior Instructors
The CSI has become an important resource for school heads and obtaining information

Senior Instructor Travel
The BOP will be working on updating the list of senior instructors that are eligible to have their travel expenses reimbursed by the AJJF. More information is forthcoming.

‘Ohana 2018
The BOP will be working with the organizers of ‘Ohana 2018 to provide AJJF instructors to teach. The BOP encourages all who are able to attend to go to support the event. Links to the flyer and information will be posted on the AJJF website.

Next Board of Professors and Executive Committee meetings: April 6, 2018

Respectfully submitted,
Nerissa Freeman
AJJF Board of Professors Scribe

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