Kata Manual
The BOP continues to work on the list of Shinyo no Maki. The kata manual for Kiai no Maki was released at Convention 2017.

Convention Committee
The new Convention committee presented some ideas to the BOP to consider. A few may be implemented at next year’s Convention (2018).

Purpose, Vision, and Goals of the BOP
The Board of Professors reviewed the Purpose, Vision, and Goals document it first came up with in 2013. Only a couple minor changes were made to the original document.

Prof Colton has joined this committee, which was formed to foster communication between the AJJF and other DZR organizations. They are planning to attend ‘Ohana 2018 in Reno and encourage AJJF members to attend as well.

Kiai Echo
Jason Davis, Chair of the Kiai Echo, presented several ideas on the importance of pushing out electronic content in a timely and consistent manner. In the last issue of the Kiai Echo, one article received 1800 views within 6 hours of publication. A committee was formed to present a recommendation for the approval process of this content.

New Officers and Committee Members
Prof Geoff Lane was elected as the new President of the AJJF. Marty Brzykcy was elected Vice President and will chair upcoming BOP and EC meetings. Prof Sheryl Hager and Cynthia Frueh are new members of the BOD.

Next Board of Professors and Executive Committee video and teleconference: June 11, 2017

Respectfully submitted,
Nerissa Freeman
AJJF Board of Professors Scribe

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