Kata Manual
The BOP has been focusing on the History and Shinyo no Maki sections of the kata manual. Members of the BOP are working on final comments to these documents. The History portions of the kata manual will likely be available for viewing on the AJJF website, rather than in booklet form.

Persons with Disabilities
The BOP has completed a draft of a new policy regarding the examination and training of students with disabilities. The updated policy and recommendations should be available soon.

The AJJF will host the Danzan Ryu ‘Ohana in 2022.

Dan Promotions
A more formal process is being developed to help the BOP track the accomplishments of senior instructors when considering promotions to Godan and above. Details are forthcoming.

BOP Meetings
The BOP is considering how it could resume an additional face to face meeting each year. Many important issues are discussed most easily in person.

USA Judo
A formal alliance with USA Judo complete. Details will be forthcoming.

A formal alliance with ATJA is in progress. Details will be forthcoming.

Archives of Documents
The BOP is working on scanning its historical documents for better preservation and access.

Healing Arts Language
The guidelines for how healing arts classes and courses can be accepted as an AJJF mat activities for black belt exams are being clarified. The revised language will be available soon.

Next Board of Professors and Executive Committee telephone meetings: Dec 9, 2018

Respectfully submitted,
Nerissa Freeman
AJJF Board of Professors Scribe

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