Kata Manual
The BOP has been focusing on the History and Shinyo no Maki sections of the kata manual. Members of the BOP are working on final comments to these documents. The History portions of the kata manual will likely be available for viewing on the AJJF website, rather than in booklet form.

Persons with Disabilities
The BOP has completed a draft of a new policy regarding the examination and training of students with disabilities. The updated policy and recommendations should be available soon.

The AJJF was well represented at ‘Ohana 2018. Prof Colton is now a member of the ‘Ohana Alliance Committee and the AJJF will offer to host the ‘Ohana in 2022.

Records Retention
The BOP is looking for people to help convert numerous paper records to electronic formats.

USA Judo
A formal alliance with USA Judo is nearly complete. Details will be forthcoming.

Next Board of Professors and Executive Committee telephone meetings: Sept 9, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,
Nerissa Freeman
AJJF Board of Professors Scribe

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