Kata Manual
The BOP has been focusing on the History and Shinyo no Maki sections of the kata manual. Members of the BOP are working on final comments to these documents.

Persons with Disabilities
The BOP has completed revisions to its policy regarding the examination and training of students with disabilities.

Dan Promotions
A questionnaire was sent to senior instructors to help the BOP collect objective information that can be used as part of their overall discussions on promotions to the ranks of Godan and above.

BOP Meetings
The BOP is considering how it could resume an additional face to face meeting each year. Many important issues are discussed most easily in person.

Archives of Documents
The BOP is working on scanning its historical documents for better preservation and access.

Healing Arts Language
The guidelines for how healing arts classes and courses can be accepted as an AJJF mat activities for black belt exams have been clarified. The revised language has been distributed to AJJF black belts and school heads.

The Convention 2019 guest instructor list and comp plan have been approved. The BOP will also be inviting the heads of other Danzan Ryu organizations to attend.

An online payment portal has been set up to allow authorized persons to purchase copies of a Mokuroku through the AJJF website.

AJJF Registrants and Budget
The AJJF is projecting a deficit for FY 2018. There seem to be many kyu rank students who are not registered with the AJJF. The BOP will work on communicating the benefits of registering with the AJJF and is asking school heads to make sure that their students are registered.

Event Video Recording and Photography
The AJJF is working on developing a policy to obtain permission from attendees prior to doing video recording or taking photographs for later distribution. The intention is to protect the privacy of attendees while also helping to create marketing materials for the AJJF.

Additional Kappo
The BOP is actively working on how to distribute information on what kappo are acceptable for Sandan and Yondan exams.

Next Board of Professors and Executive Committee telephone meetings: Dec 9, 2018

Respectfully submitted,
Nerissa Freeman
AJJF Board of Professors Scribe

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