AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Summary

March 6, 2022


BOD Members in attendance

President: Prof. Lane

Treasurer: Prof. Congistre

Secretary: Prof. Hager

Operations Committee Chair: Sensei St Pierre

Finance Committee Chair: Sensei Roberts

Council Of Senior Instructors Chair: Sensei Merrill

DanZan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute Chair: Sensei Frueh

Guests: Sensei Davis, Prof. Ryan, Prof. Cross

Chair: Prof. Lane

Scribe: Sensei Carlson


Minutes: December minutes accepted


Committee Reports

Financial Report

We are happy to announce that the AJJF is doing well. Membership is up and the finances are doing well. There are additional forms to fill out, so The BOD is looking for help from a CPA.

DZRSI Report

New Therapy classes will begin in Sacramento ca.

CSI Report

There is a new Sensei packet in the works. Over 3/4 of AJJF schools were contacted . Most Sensei were disappointed that the convention was moved to a virtual convention.

Operations Report


1)convention to virtual

2) nominations for awards

3) Opscom recruitment

4) welcome Sensei Davis as Chair. Many thanks to Sensei Pete St Pierre for his many years of service and a job done with high standards.


Action Items

1)Membership chair to develop a plan for membership levels, and the requirements for each class including outdated background checks. Opscom Chair and Membership chair will begin working on this.

2) Allied program is in process

3)National Managers of Regions, and Communications and the Webmaster for distribution of information to school heads monthly. Awaiting new Kiai Echo Chair.

4) Convention Comp plan : In process. Ready by next convention

5) Prof Hager to send Kiai Echo Summary of edited minutes.

6)BOD recommendation to the BOP to cancel the in person convention to an alternate version.


Old Business

  • Covid/ Convention cancellation update: The AJJF is still working with the hotel on the cancellation process.
  • Donation Category for Junior Camp. BOD will draft a proposal for creating a fund to assist Juniors.
  • International Membership is in process.
  • Professor Balls travel. The BOD approval of Sr. Prof. Balls ability to request reimbursement for a personal assistants travel expenses to attend AJJF events.
  • Use of AJJF funds : Some Sensei are having difficulty with usage of regional guidelines . There is a request to have less elaborate guidelines. Sensei Merrill will create a proposal for the use of regional funds.
  • Future meetings : June 5th, August 28th, December 4th, 2022