AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Summary

June 5th 2022. Respectfully submitted by, Sheryl Hager Prof. AJJF secretary

BOD Member Attendance:
President Prof. Lane
Treasurer: Prof. Congistre
Secretary: Prof. Hager
Member at Large: Prof. Colton
Operations Committee Chair:Sensei Davis
Finance Committee Chair: Sensei Roberts
Council ofSenior Instructors Chair: Sensei Chapple
DZRSI Chair: Sensei Freugh
Guests Profs. Hudson, Wehseler, Merrill, Cross, Kaplowitz, Hodgkin,
Guest Sensei: Stevens
Chair: Prof. Ryan
Scribe: Sensei Carlson

Minutes from previous meeting: Approved

Votes since last meeting: Harry Burleson has been elected as the National Manager of Regions.
Tom Meade was elected as the Convention Chair. Robbie Rainey was elected as the Insurance
Chair Austin Stahl was appointed as Kiai Echo Chair. Nathalie Chapple was elected as CSI
Chair. Welcome all!

Quarterly Reports

Financial: Appreciation was given to Mark Roberts for his extensive work on Taxes.
DZRSI: Dan Linder has been appointed as Scribe.
CSI: The CSI committee has a renewed focus on how to communicate and reach Sensei. This
committee has some new members with renewed energy. Post Covid , there are more schools that
are becoming more active and renewing their memberships with the AJJF. Convention feedback:
Most were glad to have a convention even though it was virtual. looking forward to in person
convention and events. There needs to be some improvement on how to teach via zoom. Some
suggestions were given on how to improve in this area.

Quarterly operations committee: Austin Stahl is doing a great job with the Kiai Echo since his
appointment. The committee membership on the website has been updated.

Action Items:
1)The membership committee chair to develop a plan for looking at membership levels and
requirements for each membership class. Including delinquent background checks. This is in
2) Develop the Allied/International Program. This in process
3) Work with the National Manager of Regions, Webmaster & National Manager of
Communication for distribution of information monthly to school heads. CSI will connect with
the new Kiai Echo Chair soon.
4) Covid update: In process.
5) A new committee to be formed to develop a Convention Comp Plan, and what the goals of
this plan are to be determined. A request to put this on the BOP agenda.
6) Prof Hager is to send an edited BOD Meeting Summary to the Kiai Echo chair for
distribution. Ongoing
7) A proposal will be drafted on requirement guidelines, funding and process of a Juniors
scholarship fund.
8) Create a proposal for the use of regional funds. In process.

Old Business: Convention cancellation update: There is nothing new from the Charlotte Hotel.

New Business:
To Clarify how the BOD/BOP work together. It needs to updated on the website which is the
governing body and to clarify the roles that of BOD and BOP.
Mileage reimbursement: Due to the increase in expenses mileage reimbursement will increase to
50 cents per mile as opposed to 40 cents per mile. There will be an updated automated form
available to reflect the reimbursement . This increase will now be more in line with the IRS rate
Convention Compensation plan: his document was previously sent out. Action here currently
borderlines on EC and BOP responsibility, but the BOD can work on what is their level of
Convention 2023 hotel contract: The contract agreement that was presented by Prof. Hudson for
the 2023 convention was accepted and approved.

Next Meetings: August 28th 2022, December 4th 2022