Aloha AJJF Ohana:

The AJJF Board of Directors meets quarterly to handle the legal and financial responsibilities of the AJJF. It has recently come to my attention that we have not been sending out our Board of Directors meeting minutes to our members.  For that I apologize.  When became the President a few years ago, I didn’t realize that was my responsibility.  In order to correct that, here is the summary of our December quarterly meeting. Look for timely BOD minutes in the future.

If you have questions about any of the items covered, I suggest you contact a BOD member, a Professor or your Council of Senior Instructor (CSI) representative.  If you don’t know who your CSI representative is talk with your Sensei.

If you find some of the topics covered interesting and would like to be a part of making things happen in the AJJF… volunteer!  We are always looking for volunteers in any number of committees. Most of what really happens organizationally in the AJJF, happens in the Operations Committee (OPSCOM).  It is a great group and a great way to get involved and make things happen.

Speaking of making things happen, I hope to see all of you at our Virtual National Convention, April 9-11.  For more information go to our website at AJJF.org

In Kokua
Prof Lane
AJJF President

AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Summary
December 6, 2020

BOD Member Attendance
Professors Congistre, Lane, Hager, Colton
Senseis St. Pierre, Stevens, Merrill, Frueh
Guests Professors: Carr, Cross, Ryan
Chair Professor Lane
Scribe Sensei Jessica Conover

Votes Since Last Meeting
It was approved to send a letter to the 2021 Convention Hotel to resolve issues with their not wanting to postpone our event to 2022. Passed unanimously

Quarterly Committee Reports

Financial Report/Stevens
In large part due to the pandemic the AJJF is running at a deficit this year. Overall though, the AJJF is in good financial shape.

DZR Seifukujitsu Institute (DZRSI) Report/Frueh
Pilot group has started the online massage course.

Council of Senior Instructors (CSI) Report/Merrill
CSI continues to contact School Heads. Most Dojos continue to be closed though a few more are starting to have in person classes.

Operations Committee (OPSCOM) Report/St. Pierre
Sanctioning of online event has been developed.

Action Items From August meeting

  • Membership Chair continues to develop different levels of membership. This impacts our insurance as we have non-active members who se should not be paying insurance on. Other membership levels being explored. -Ongoing
  • Allied Program is being developed. – Ongoing
  • Managers of Regions, Communication working on improving communication with membership.
  • Convention compensation plan: A committee is working on reviewing the compensation plans that the AJJF currently offers for convention. – Ongoing
  • Notify the BOP that the AJJF has purchased a corporate Zoom account to be made available for events/meetings. – Complete
  • Communicate to membership about potential for online events and Black Belt Exams – Complete
  • Notify the BOP that the BOD recommends online first aid training be accepted during pandemic. The BOP was notified, and it is approved. – Complete
  • Begin publishing minutes to the membership.

Old Business

Ethics & Risk Management
Sensei Frueh has updated the Ethics and Risk Management Course. Edits were approved unanimously

Sanctioning of virtual events
Three virtual events have been sanctioned. Attendance was about the same as past events.

Membership Drive
A committee is working on developing a membership drive as membership has dropped during the pandemic.

New Business

Announcements to membership
Discussion was held as to how we can improve our communication with our membership.

Crown Plaza Hotel Contract
The Hotel has agreed to postpone the 2021 convention in North Carolina to 2022.

Covid policies
It continues to be the AJJF Policy for Dojos to follow local pandemic recommendations, rules and regulations.