BOD Members In Attendance

Professors: Lane, Congistre, Hager, Colton
Sensei: St. Pierre, Roberts, Merrill, Frueh.
Guests: Professors: Cross, Ryan, Sensei Davis
Chair: Professor Lane
Scribe: Sensei Carlson

Minutes from previous meeting:  Approved 

Votes since last meeting:  No votes since the last meeting

Quarterly Committee Reports

Financial Report

We are not spending as much on airfare this year because of precautions due to the pandemic, which is keeping us within our budget. The largest income is our membership. The largest expenses are insurance (which is tied to our membership) and airfare to events.

DZRSI Report

There are hybrid programs being offered in Pennsylvania, Washington State, and possibly soon in Sacramento Ca. There is a DZRSI Handbook being created to aid in procedures, etc.

Operations report

Events and Examinations are picking up.

The Chair of Communications is currently looking for a replacement as he transitions to a new position. There are resources now available to school heads for flyers (through marketing). Sensei St. Pierre is working diligently to insure everything is well documented during his transition between chairs. We deeply thank him for his dedication and service.

Action Items

  •  Membership Chair continues to develop a plan for different levels of membership and requirements for each membership class. Including those whose background checks are not up to date.  Ongoing
  • Allied Program is being developed. Ongoing
  •  Monthly distribution of information to the school heads by the Manager of Regions, Webmaster and Manager of Communications is in planning. Ongoing
  •  Covid update: The CRT has been meeting and working toward making a recommendation to the BOP as conditions continue to change. Two variations are being considered, to require vaccines or to require testing with vaccines recommended. Ongoing
  •  Convention Comp plan: The BOP has decided to wait a year to put the comp plan into effect. The 2020 comp plan is what is currently in effect. A new proposal will be drafted by a small committee. Ongoing
  •  The Membership Chair is to inform the BOP and EC that Sensei Carlson has been selected to fulfill the remaining time in this position. Complete
  •  The Marketing chair funding has been approved for a flyer program. Complete

Old Business

  • Covid update: The recommendation is to follow local guidelines. It is unclear for national events at this time.
  • Convention: The convention Hosts proposal for COVID 19 includes testing everyone on site. The convention host has contacted a professional health group of nurses to do the testing to ensure accuracy in testing. Unfortunately, there has been strong opinions regarding attendance to convention a different protocol to be followed. This ever changing and the safety of the membership needs to be considered for a national event. After a long discussion it was decided to take the recommendation to cancel an in-person event on a national level and to offer a complete virtual convention to the BOP

New Business

The finance Chairs2022 budget was accepted.

Respectfully submitted, Prof. Hager BOP Secretary