Description of Insurance Coverage


  1. The following pages describe the AJJF Insurance policy.
    1. This information has been prepared exclusively for the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation and its schools and members. It is to summarize certain insurance policies maintained by the AJJF.
    2. These descriptions are not contracts.
    3. Only the actual insurance policies can state the specific coverages.
    4. Should there be any discrepancies between the information provided by the AJJF and the actual policies, then the insurance policy version will be accepted as correct.
    5. The provisions and coverages of the policies are subject to change without notice.
  2. All AJJF events must be Sanctioned
    1. See Clinics section of the AJJF School Handbook
  3. IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL insurance questions should be directed to the AJJF Chair of Insurance/Sanctions Committee.
    1. Examples:
      1. Copies of the policy.
      2. Questions about coverage.
      3. Questions about claims.


  • Effective August 1, 1998, the AJJF introduced a group insurance policy.
  • All AJJF member schools in the United States are covered.
  • All participants at all AJJF events and classes must be AJJF members.

Further Information

I. Description of Coverage – Policy effective date is August 1, 2004

  1. Per Occurrence Liability $1,000,000
  2. Aggregate Liability $3,000,000
  3. Excess Medical Benefit $100,000
  4. Medical Deductible for claimants who have primary insurance $250
    Medical Deductible for claimants who do not have primary insurance $5,000
  5. Accidental Death & Dismemberment $15,000

II. “Liability Insurance” and “Excess Medical Insurance”

  1. The liability insurance is to protect the AJJF, the school, school head, and instructors if a lawsuit arises.
  2. The Excess Medical Insurance Benefit is to cover accidental injuries.
    1. The cost of the policy is low, since it is meant to be secondary to the individual’s own health insurance, although it would still pay if there is no other insurance. This is not designed to be the member’s primary health insurance.
    2. When a participant becomes injured at a class or event, the member must visit a medical professional for treatment within 30 days of the injury for our insurance to be used. The injury must be reported to the AJJF Insurance Committee AJJF Insurance Committee within 90 days after an injury has occurred.

III.Covered Activities and Requirements

  1. Requirement: All participants, including instructors, must be AJJF members
    1. A discounted event-only membership is available for $5.00 (prices subject to change without notice)
      • When used in conjunction with a regularly scheduled class workout, the event-only membership must be completed for each/every class session
      • An event membership may not be “renewed” for consecutive sanctioned events or used for overlapping sanctioned events
      • Event membership does not include AJJF member benefits such as (not an exhaustive list)
        • AJJF membership card
        • Access to the Kiai Echo
        • Rank recognition
  2. Covered Activity: Regularly scheduled class workouts
  3. Covered Activity: Sanctioned events
    1. An event must be explicitly sanctioned (See Handbook section on Sanctions)
    2. Examples of events (not an exhaustive list)
      • Tournament
      • Clinic, which may run multiple days
      • Residential camp
      • Multiple session class through a community program lasting up to 12 sessions
      • Multiple session self-defense class
      • Demonstration
  4. Covered Activity: Group travel to and from AJJF activities as described below; some restrictions apply, not limited to those listed here
    1. Traveling with the club to or from the activity; and under direct supervision of the club
    2. An individual who volunteers to drive a non-owned commercial vehicle shall be required to add special liability insurance on their own auto policy and seek reimbursement through the AJJF

IV. Who is Covered?

  1. Liability Insurance:
    1. Dojo, School Head & Instructors, AJJF.
    2. Available to our schools in all 50 states.
    3. Not available outside the United States.
  2. Excess Medical Benefit
    1. AJJF Members.

V. Exclusions – What is Not Covered by the Policies?

  1. If the school head also owns the building and/or property in which the school operates, additional insurance may be needed. This group policy is not sufficient for your building & grounds. This insurance is for the regular operation of the school – liability and excess medical.
  2. Live blade training.
  3. Participants in non-Danzan Ryu programs offered by the school, unless the non-DZR program has been reviewed and sanctioned by the AJJF Board of Professors.
  4. Tournaments, Competitions or Contests with:
    1. Those offering cash prizes.
    2. Kickboxing
  5. It does not cover: (Check with your building owner to see if the Building is insured for these losses.)
    1. Damage to, or theft of, equipment.
    2. Fire damage.
    3. Broken windows, mirrors, walls.
  6. The medical benefit does not cover “Injuries which result over a period of time (such as blisters or tendonitis, etc.) and which are a normal, foreseeable result of the sport. . .”
  7. Tournaments not sanctioned by the AJJF. (See Handbook section on Sanctions)

VI. What are the Conditions to be an AJJF School, in Terms of Insurance Coverage?

  1. All participants MUST be AJJF members.
    1. Annual adult membership is $60.00. Age 15 and under is $30.00.
    2. Event-only memberships are available for $5.00
    3. Membership prices are subject to change without notice.
    4. If a school elects to continue to use their own insurance, but still wants to be an AJJF School, all participants must still be AJJF members.
  2. Individual Membership includes signing the waiver.
    1. Each school should still use their own waiver.
  3. See School Handbook for more information on School Membership.

VII. “Additional Insured”

  1. If you need a Certificate of Liability for “Additional Insured” then request one from the Chair of Insurance/SanctionsCommitteee.This certificate may be required by a building owner or facility owner for off-site demonstration.

VIII. Event Sanctions

  1. To advertise an event of any kind as being an “AJJF Clinic/Contest/Camp/Class/etCetera”, it must be sanctioned.
  2. Fill out the Event Sanction Form and send it to the Chair of Insurance/Sanctions Committee.

IX. AJJF Schools

  1. Concerning our insurance policy, all AJJF Standard Schools and Allied Plus Schools in the U.S. are covered by the insurance.
  2. AJJF registration is required of all students enrolled in an AJJF school’s Danzan Ryu program, or any other program offered by the school that has been approved for insurance coverage by the AJJF Board of Professors.
  3. A “Concussion Awareness Form” will also need to be submitted for each Dan rank in a school.

X. Filing a Claim

  1. If a member is injured, the Sensei or the member should contact the AJJF Chair of Insurance/Sanctions Committee for a claim form.
    • The injury must be treated by a medical professional within 30 days of the injury. The Chair of Insurance/Sanctions Committee must be contacted within 90 days of the injury.
  2. The Chair of Insurance/Sanctions Committee copies the form and files it, then sends original to MIC Insurance.
  3. MIC contacts injured member.
  4. Please refer to the Accident/Injury Claim Flow Chart for details on the entire process.


  • AJJF Operations Committee
  • AJJF Chair of Insurance/Sanctions Committee
  • AJJF Central Office