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Professor Jane Carr2023annual anthologycover
Professor Sheryl Hager and Professor Jane Carr2023annual anthology1
Tribute to Professor Jane Carr, Judan, Danzan Ryu JujitsuKatie Murphy Stevens2023annual anthology4
Pay Attention! The Spotlight and the FloodlightSean Hummer2023annual anthology6
Remembering Professor Jane CarrDelina Fuchs2023annual anthology9
Searching for TigersAustin Stahl2023annual anthology11
Professor Carr’s TournamentsScott Redden2023annual anthology14
Memorial in Honor of Sensei Jess GreenConor Witham2023annual anthology16
Memories of Professor CarrJeff Hansen2023annual anthology17
Feelings for the ATJA NationalsLydia Claire Cheek2023annual anthology18
The ATJA National Judo Tournament of 8/6/22Noah Cheek2023annual anthology19
Prof. Jane Carr Memorial NarrativeKaren Karnatz (edited by Delina Fuchs)2023annual anthology20
How to be a Good ThiefSean Hummer2023annual anthology26
Jujitsu at the BeachAustin Stahl2023annual anthology27
Memories of Professor Jane Carr from an Interview with Professor Don CrossKatie Murphy Stevens2023annual anthology29
Lessons from LosingAustin Stahl2023annual anthology31
Ohana 20222023annual anthology32
Ohana Tournaments 20222023annual anthology33
John Gussman Passes2023annual anthology36
Jane’s Living LegacyAustin Stahl2023annual anthology37
Professor Jane Carr and Delina Fuchs2023annual anthologyback
Professor Nerissa Freeman on Danzan Ryu Origin Stories PodcastHillary Kaplowitz2023online
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Summary August 28, 2022Sheryl Hager2022online
Professor Hillary Kaplowitz on Danzan Ryu Origin Stories PodcastHillary Kaplowitz2022online
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Summary June 5, 2022Sheryl Hager2022online
Professor Marty Brzykcy on Danzan Ryu Origin Stories PodcastHillary Kaplowitz2022online
Board of Professors and Executive Committee Minutes March 13, 2022Sheryl Hager2022online
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Summary March 6, 2022Sheryl Hager2022online
Professor Troy Shehorn on Danzan Ryu Origin Stories PodcastHillary Kaplowitz2022online
2022 Convention Promotion AnnouncementKeith Thompson2022online
Results of Freestyle contest 3/27/22 at Yoshin Jitsu KaiRichard H Howell2022online
Board Of Directors Meeting Summary: August 29th 2021Sheryl Hager2022online
Professor Robert Hodgkin on Danzan Ryu Origin Stories PodcastHillary Kaplowitz2022online
Rutgers Kodenkan Fall 2021 SeminarAshiya Chaka2021online
New Dojos and New AJJF Blackbelts!2021online
Zooming In: The first hybrid in-person and virtual kata contestNerissa Freeman2021online
Wasenshi Kan Zoom/In Person Kata Contest Results 8/21/20212021online
Service is the Spirit of Danzan RyuHolly Watson and Suzanne Lye2021online
Professor Sheryl Hager on Danzan Ryu Origin Stories PodcastHillary Kaplowitz2021online
Facilitating Virtual ConventionLian Muñoz2021online
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Summary December 6, 2020Geoff Lane2021online
Why Are You Surprised?Katie Murphy Stevens2021online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Professor Dennis EstesHillary Kaplowitz2021online
The Life of a SwordSohn Wehseler2021online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Prof Donald CrossHillary Kaplowitz2021online
Shime No KataBob Reish2020online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Professor Geoff LaneHillary Kaplowitz2020online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Prof Robert HudsonHillary Kaplowitz2020online
Danzan Ryu at a DistanceAbraham Zilkha2020online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Prof Jane Carr Hillary Kaplowitz2020online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Prof John CongistreHillary Kaplowitz2020online
Danzan Ryu Origin Stories Podcast: Senior Professor Tom BallHillary Kaplowitz2020online
AJJF Professors Teaching Jujutsu Remotely – Stance TrainingRobert Hudson2020online
Who’s your Sensei?John Congistre2020online
AJJF Professors Teaching Jujitsu Remotely – Hand TrainingGeoff Lane2020online
AJJF Professors Teaching Jujutsu Remotely During IsolationGeoff Lane2020online
Keep Your Jujutsu Training Going During Isolation Jason Davis2020online
Black Belt Promotions SW Regional Exams February 2020Dominic Beltrami2020online
Professor Hillary Kaplowitz and Suzanne Lye, 2019 National Convention, Lombard, ILPhoto by Dan Browning, Danzante Photography, LLC2020annual anthologycover, 28, 31
Convention Banquet MemoriesKatie Murphy Stevensconvention, retrospect, promotions2020annual anthology4
DZRSI Healing Arts at Your Event Now or Online in the FutureCynthia Fruehseminar, healing, advertisement2020annual anthology5
Black Belt Promotions May 2019announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Black Belt Promotions April 2019announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Black Belt Promotions August 2019announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Black Belt Promotions November 2019announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Black Belt Promotions November 2019announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Black Belt Promotions December 2019announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Black Belt Promotions January 2020announcement, promotion2020annual anthology6
Makoto Kai Kata Contest Results 2019Katie Murphy Stevenstournament, podiums, retrospect2020annual anthology8
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes March 17, 2019organizational2020annual anthology10
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes June 9, 2019organizational2020annual anthology10
The AJJF Black Belt Exam ProcessLyle Najitaorganizational, black belt exam2020annual anthology12
Shu, Ha Ri… Kokoro… Discussing The Five Stages of LearningKintarotools, learning2020annual anthology14
Six Dimensions of TrainingHillary Kaplowitztools, learning2020annual anthology16
2019 AJJF National Freestyle ContestJohn Pfundtournament, freestyle, podiums2020annual anthology18
Teaching Jujutsu Using Principles of Motor LearningNerissa Freemantools, teaching2020annual anthology19
The 35 Kappo: OriginsRobert Reishcurriculum, historical2020annual anthology22
Wasenshi Kan Annual Freestyle Contest 2019tournament, freestyle, podiums2020annual anthology26
Redding Jujutsu Academy Kata Contest 2019tournament, kata, podiums2020annual anthology27
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2020annual anthology30
True Stories and Other Damage Podcast with Professor Jane CarrRyan Wellespodcast, interview2020online
It Ain’t Satsuzai… But Then AgainJay Drewhealing, historical2020online
Lori Santiago, Wasenshikan Freestyle Contest, Roseville, CA2019annual anthologycover
Just Keep Doing!Geoff Lanetraining, approach, thought2019annual anthology2
My First Kata and Freestyle ContestsCrystaLynn Valkyrietournament, retrospect2019annual anthology3
Getting Out of HouseSohn Wehselerseminar, camp, advertisement2019annual anthology4
The AJJF National Convention Grappling ContestJose Gonzaleztournament, retrospect2019annual anthology5
Koa Kan Rising or How to Sustain a DojoFrank Ferris,teaching, sensei, tools2019annual anthology6
Unarmed Self Defense from a Legal PerspectiveRobert Kauferself defense, legality2019annual anthology7
Nationally Certified Black BeltKatie Murphy Stevensblack belt exam, motivation, organizational2019annual anthology10
A Postcard from Camp Kodenkan MidwestHillary Kaplowitzseminar, camp, retrospect2019annual anthology11
Danzan: Form, Function and FreedomKimo Williamstraining, esoteric2019annual anthology14
Yonenbu No Kata?Jess Greentraining, juniors, curriculum2019annual anthology15
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2018Katie Murphy Stevenstournament, retrospect, podiums2019annual anthology16
Black Belt Promotions 2018 - 2019announcement, promotion2019annual anthology18
Black Belt Weekend RepsHillary Kaplowitzblack belt, training, motivation2019annual anthology19
How & Why Children Benefit from JudoMark Lonsdalejudo, juniors, motivation2019annual anthology22
A Family Discovers Danzan RyuTim DeLathouwerfamily, juniors, motivation2019annual anthology23
Diving Under the Water: The Humiliating Origin of MizukuguriGeorge Arringtonhistorical2019annual anthology24
ATJA/AJJF National Judo Championships 2018Tom Ryantournament, judo, podiums2019annual anthology27
What to Expect as a Newbie at National ConventionMonica Villanueva and Kerry Segoconvention, motivation, advertisement2019annual anthology28
Feeling The Mat Beneath My FeetSarah Chungmemoir, diversity2019annual anthology29
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes April 1, 20182019annual anthology30
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes June 10, 20182019annual anthology30
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes September 9, 20182019annual anthology30
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes December 9, 20182019annual anthology30
I Mua, Motion, Movement through Danzan Ryu JujitsuMonica Villanueva and Kerry Segoconvention, theme, advertisement2019annual anthology32
The Passing of Professor Jerome (Jerry) Kunzman Sr.Jerry Kunzman and Jerold Kunzmanmemorial2019annual anthology34
American Traditional Jujutsu Association (ATJA) and the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF) Bilateral AgreementTom Ryanorganizational2019annual anthology36
Wasenshi Kan Freestyle Contest 2018Nerissa Freemantournament, freestyle, podiums2019annual anthology37
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2019annual anthology38
True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Jason DavisRyan Wellespodcast, interview2019online
True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Howard WilsonRyan Wellespodcast, interview2019online
True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Hillary Kaplowitz, Danzan Ryu AJJF ProfessorRyan Wellespodcast, interview2019online
True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Professor Kevin ColtonRyan Wellespodcast, interview2019online
True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Sohn WehselerRyan Wellespodcast, interview2019online
True Stories & Other Damage Podcast with Ward MelenichRyan Wellespodcast, interview2019online
DZR and life outside of the Dojo, Pete St. Pierre speaks with Bay Area MA PodcastPete St. Pierrepodcast, interview2019online
Professor Kevin Colton and Professor Troy Shehorn2018annual anthologycover
AJJF 71st Annual Conventionannouncement, advertisement2018annual anthology2
Editor’s CornerJason Davisorganizational, process change2018annual anthology3
Developing Mastery by Knowing What to IgnoreStephen R. Balzactraining, approach, esoteric2018annual anthology4
Dr. Bill Gessner, In MemoriamBarb Gessnermemorial2018annual anthology6
Redding Jujitsu Academy Kata Contest 2017tournament, kata, podiums2018annual anthology8
Kodenkan DZR Jujitsu and Judo Clinic 2018 Thotnton, ILseminar, retrospect2018annual anthology9
It’s Not What You ThinkSohn Wehselerteaching, approach, thought2018annual anthology10
My Journey to SandanIvan Ochoablack belt exam, motivation2018annual anthology12
A Search for the Ema Method of Mind Body ForgingRichard Howellhistorical2018annual anthology14
Sixteen Years of Palmetto Jujitsu ClinicsPatrick Hedgepathmemoir, dojo, motivation2018annual anthology16
Black Belt Promotions 2017 - 2018announcement, promotion2018annual anthology18
In Praise of Sitting on the SidelinesJohn A. Lynchtraining, approach, thought2018annual anthology19
Wasenshi Kan Annual Freestyle Contest Results 2017tournament, freestyle, podiums2018annual anthology20
Four Friends on a Journey: AJJF North East Region Spring Clinic 2017Tiffany Evansseminar, clinic, retrospect2018annual anthology23
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee April 28, 2017announcement, organizational2018annual anthology24
True Stories and Other Damage Podcast Episode #1Ryan Wellespodcast, interview2018annual anthology24
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee December 10, 2017announcement, organizational2018annual anthology25
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2018annual anthology26
Ohana 2018announcement, advertisement2018annual anthology27
Professor John CongistreProfessor John Congistre at the “Farewell to Winter” clinic at the Kodenkan in Thornton, IL.cover photo20171cover
Editor’s CornerJason Davismotivation, convention201712
The Koa Kan is BornFrank Ferrisannouncement, dojo201713
Danzan Ryu Chicago Clinic Summer 2016David Vlcekseminar, clinic, retrospect201714
Remembering Betty FisherDelina Fuchsmemorial201716
Bud Estes’ Yawara Didn’t HurtRichard Howellmemorial, tools201717
Hojojutsu: Yesterday and TodayDara Masihistorical, curriculum, weapons201718
Fighting Fit - Why Martial Artists need Strength and ConditioningZeke Goebeltraining, fitness2017110
There are 10,000 reasonsWard Melenichtraining, motivation2017112
Jujitsu at the BeachProfessor Geoff Laneseminar, clinic, retrospect2017113
Junanshin as a Training PreceptGregory Poretzconvention, theme, esoteric2017114
Kappo: The Japanese System of ResuscitationRobert Reishhistorical, curriculum2017116
Two LinesRaymond Schollesoteric2017117
Black Belt Promotions 2017announcement, promotion2017118
Growth and DevelopmentAngel Lopezsensei, introspection, motivation2017119
AJJF 69th Annual Conventionannouncement, advertisement2017120
A Philosophy of SutemiHillary Kaplowitztraining, motivation, esoteric2017121
Do you have the power?Brian Sincombtraining, physics2017122
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes December 11, 2016announcement, organizational2017124
Donate to the AJJFJeff Tealannouncement, donation2017124
Open Letter to AJJF O’HanaMatthew Mollerannouncement, donation2017125
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2017126
AJJF 69th Annual Conventionannouncement, advertisement2017127
Master Jose Buenocover photo20162cover
Editor’s CornerJason Davisteaching, tools201622
Remembering Jose BuenoStephen Balzacmemorial201623
Shinzen Kai 2+1 TournamentTom Thieltournament, retrospect, podiums201624
Betty Jane (BJ) MailletteMady Shumofskymemorial201626
Palmetto Jujitsu Academy Annual Sumo Results 2016tournament, sumo, podiums201626
Wasenshi Kan Martial & Healing Arts Freestyle Contest 2016tournament, freestyle, podiums201627
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2016tournament, kata, podiums201627
Black Belt Promotions 2016announcement, promotion201628
The ClimbChelsea DeVincenttraining, teaching, esoteric2016210
Muscle has MemoryProfessor Jerry Kunzmantraining, physiology2016212
Don’t You Dare Tell Me to Take it EasyWard Melenichtraining, motivation2016213
Jujitsu CrosswordProf John Congistregame2016214
Why do we do tournaments?Scott Reddentournament, motivation2016215
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Teleconference Meeting Minutes March 31, 2016announcement, organizational2016216
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Teleconference Meeting Minutes June 12, 2016announcement, organizational2016216
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Teleconference Meeting Minutes September 11, 2016announcement, organizational2016216
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2016219
Composite of Kiai Echo Coverscover photo20161
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacmemoir201612
The Empty StoreKimo Williamsreprint, memoir, healing201613
Weapons Training Sharpens Your Body ArtsDan Browningreprint, weapons, tools201614
Fundamental Principles of Martial ArtRichard Howellreprint, training, principles201616
Mnemonojitsu – The Art of Memorization Using Memory Strategies to Learn Jujitsu Technique NamesHillary Kaplowitzreprint, training, tools201619
First ImpressionsEric Atienzareprint, curriculum, tools2016110
Seeing the Similarities: The Fractal Nature of Danzan RyuJeremy Cornish, L.Ac.reprint, training, principles2016113
Spiritual Training and The Warrior – Part IMark Manuiwa Saito, Jr.reprint, training, esoteric2016114
AJJF 68th Annual Conventionannouncement, advertisement2016116
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Teleconference Meeting Minutes December 13, 2015announcement, organizational2016118
Black Belt Promotions 2016announcement, promotion2016118
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2016119
Professor Robert Hudson, Hui Ohana 2015cover photo20152cover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzactraining, tools, esoteric201522
Camp Midwest Honors Professor Pat BrowneTom Cothranmemorial, camp, retrospect201523
Calling an AJJF Blackbelt Exam: A Creative Way to TrainKerry Segotraining, tools, black belt exam201524
Hui Ohana 2015John Reneaudseminar, clinic, retrospect201525
El Camino del Guerrero Sanador The Way of the Warrior HealerProfesor Don Cross, M.Ed.reprint, training, healing201526
Rutgers Kodenkan SeminarJulia Terranovaseminar, clinic, retrospect201528
Why Should We Attend Convention and Clinics?Scott Reddenseminar, clinic, motivation2015210
Those Who Come, GetJason Davisseminar, camp, retrospect2015210
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2015tournament, kata, podiums2015211
Wasenshi Kan Freestyle Contest 2015tournament, freestyle, podiums2015211
The TalkKatie Murphy Stevensseminar, etiquette2015213
Leggo My EgoStephen R. Balzacreprint, tournament, esoteric2015214
AJJF National Convention 2016announcement, advertisement2015216
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Phone Meeting Minutes March 11, 2015announcement, organizational2015217
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Phone Meeting Minutes June 14, 2015announcement, organizational2015217
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Teleconference Meeting Minutes September 13, 2015announcement, organizational2015217
Black Belt Promotions 2015announcement, promotion2015218
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2015219
Professors Don Cross, Bill Randle, and John Congistre celebrating the 67th AJJF Convention and the memory of their sensei, Professor Ray Lawcover photo20151cover
Editor's CornerStephen Balzaceditorial, convention201512
Thanks to Don AngierRichard Howellmemorial201513
Learning Danzan Ryu: Process Versus ProductHillary Kaplowitztraining, tools, esoteric201514
Reframing FailureRaymond Scholltraining, tools, esoteric201515
Camp North - Your Home Away From HomeStephen Maniforseminar, camp, retrospect201516
Camp Kodenkan North 2015announcement, advertisement2015110
Chico Kodenkan Anniversary and Freestyle TournamentDelina Fuchstournament, retrospect, podiums2015111
A Timely PromotionGerry Halligantribute, promotion2015116
2015 Western New York Danzan Ryu Schools Calendarannouncement, clinic2015117
Black Belt Promotions 2015announcement, promotion2015117
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Phone Meeting Minutes December 14, 2014announcement, organizational2015118
American Judo & Jujitsu Federation Operations Committee (OpsCom) March 12, 2015 meeting
San Ramon, CA
announcement, organizational2015118
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2015119
Tomoe Nage21042cover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzachistorical201422
Danzan Ryu -- A Healing ArtDan Browningcamp, retrospect, introspection201423
Get To Know Your AJJF!Dominic Beltramiblack belt exam, organizational201424
Camp Midwest PicturesDan Browningcamp, retrospect201425
Go? Ju?Tom Ballesoteric, historical201426
Exam BasicsEdilberto Farinasblack belt exam, organizational201428
Path to ShodanPeter Sweenyblack belt exam, curriculum, introspection201429
Black Belt Promotions 2014black belt, promotion201429
Promotion and Competition: A Rite of PassageJeff Ingoldblack belt exam, tournament, retrospect2014210
2015 AJJF National Conventionannouncement, advertisement2014211
Palmetto Fall Clinic PicturesTom Ryanseminar, clinic2014212
KamakaniKimo Williamsesoteric, curriculum2014214
You Are Not a White Belt AnymoreTim Rooseveltmemoir2014215
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes September 12-13, 2014organizational2014216
In Recognition of the American Jujitsu Institute of Hawai'i's 75th Anniversaryhistorical2014217
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2014tournament, kata, podiums2014218
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2014219
Chico Hula at Convention!20141cover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric201412
Doing What Comes NaturallyRichard Howelltools, physical201413
At The Intersection of Grief and Danzan RyuDavid Vlcekmemoir, curriculum, esoteric201416
Camp Kodenkan North 2014announcement, advertisement201418
A Friday night with Sensei Deborah FergusJeanette McGrathclinic, judo, retrospect201419
Convention 2014Scott Pulling and Delina Fuchsconvention, retrospect2014110
AJJF Board of Professors and Executive Committee Meeting Minutes April 3, 2014organizational2014113
Palmetto Fall ClinicPatrick Hedgepath, Faye Garan and David Shawclinic, retrospect2014114
2013 Finance SummaryJeff Meyersorganizational2014116
Black Belt Promotions 2014black belt exam, promotion2014118
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2014119
Senior Professor Tom Ball and Werner Armbrust20134cover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzachistorical201342
Watch and Learn Mental Practice and Vicarious Rehearsal in Your TrainingHillary Kaplowitztools, learning201343
Hydrocephalus and my Journey in Danzan RyuIvan Ochoamemoir201344
Fifty Years of Love and ExperiencePhil Copitchteaching201346
Why Should A Martial Artist Understand And Appreciate Human Anatomy?Jane Carrphysiology201347
Buffalo Summer ClinicKatie Murphy Stevensseminar, clinic, retrospect201348
The Uke ProblemGeorge Arringtontools, physical201349
AJJF Board of Professors Meeting Minutes Dec 8, 2013organizational2013411
Black Belt Promotions 2013black belt exam, promotion2013411
66th Annual AJJF National Conventionannouncement, advertisement2013412
Redding Jujitsu Academy Kata Contest 2013tournament, kata, podiums2013414
40 Years of Camp Kodenkan NorthNerissa Freemancamp, memoir, retrospect2013416
Clinics and Contests UpdateJohn Pfundtournament, organizational2013418
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2013419
Keith Okazaki2013Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacteacher, tradition2013Summer2
Danzan Ryu: A System of Kodenkan Judo and JujitsuTom Ryanhistorical, curriculum, founders2013Summer3
Danzan: Form, Function, and FreedomKimo Williamsesoteric, motivation2013Summer5
Kenshokan Martial Arts Academy Hosts the AJJF’s first Judo Randori Contest in Two Decades and
Lives to Tell the Tale
Gregory Poretztournament, judo, retrospect2013Summer7
On the Origins of Okazaki Seishiro’s Mind-Body Training (Part 2)George Arringtonhistorical, curriculum, founders2013Summer8
The Importance of the MomentDoug Mussermemorial2013Summer10
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2013tournament, kata, podiums2013Summer14
Wasenshi Kan Martial & Healing Arts Freestyle Contest 2013tournament, freestyle, podiums2013Summer14
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting April 4, 2013organizational2013Summer17
AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting June 9, 2013organizational2013Summer17
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting June 13, 2013organizational2013Summer17
Black Belt Promotions 2013announcement, promotion2013Summer18
Sensei Keith PollackJillian Onesibiography2013Summer18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2013Summer19
CamelliaMelissa Raum2013Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2013Spring2
Engineer to BodyworkRyan Shawgotools, physical, healing2013Spring3
Munen Musow, the Death Race, and the Boston Marathon BombingsJoshua Granttools, physical2013Spring4
Convention Survey ReportNerissa Freemanorganizational, convention2013Spring5
On the Origins of Okazaki Seishiro’s Mind-Body TrainingGeorge Arringtonhistorical, curriculum, founders2013Spring6
Convention 2013: Year of the AlohaGregory Poretz, Annette Stawsky, Brian Schrock, Zachary Kauffman, Kailey Poretz, Shane Robsonseminar, convention, retrospect2013Spring10
Camp Kodenkan North June 26-30, 2013Nerissa Freemanseminar, camp, announcement2013Spring13
2012 Palmetto Fall ClinicTom Ryanseminar, clinic, retrospect2013Spring15
AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting February 10, 2013organizational2013Spring16
AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting March 3, 2013organizational2013Spring16
AJJF Board of Professors Meeting April 4, 2013organizational2013Spring16
Black Belt Promotions 2013announcement, promotion2013Spring18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2013Spring19
Midwest Bruise Cruise2013Fall/Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2013Fall/Winter2
Getting Into The HouseHillary Kaplowitzclinic, travel, retrospect2013Fall/Winter3
Sutemi in a 1984 Pace ArrowJason Davisclinic, travel, retrospect2013Fall/Winter4
Redding Jujutsu Academy Kata Contest 2012tournament, kata, podiums2013Fall/Winter5
Mind MappingDon Crosstools, learning2013Fall/Winter6
East Coast OhanaAllen Richardsontravel, retrospect2013Fall/Winter6
To Be Uke or To Be Tori, That Is The QuestionPatrick J. Hedgepathtools, learning2013Fall/Winter7
The Midwest Bruise CruiseC. Ryan Wellsclinic, travel, retrospect2013Fall/Winter8
AJJF Contest NewsJohn Pfundorganizational2013Fall/Winter9
AJJF 65th Annual ConventionKimo Williams, Kevin Coltonannouncement2013Fall/Winter10
AJJF National Freestyle Contest 2013announcement2013Fall/Winter13
AJJF Board of Directors June 10, 2012organizational2013Fall/Winter16
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting September 15, 2012organizational2013Fall/Winter16
AJJF Board of Professors Meeting September 14-16, 2012organizational2013Fall/Winter17
AJJF Board of Professors Phone Meeting December 9, 2012organizational2013Fall/Winter17
Black Belt Promotions 2012, 2013announcement, promotion2013Fall/Winter18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2013Fall/Winter19
Coach Griffin2012Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric, physical2012Summer2
Similarities between Asian and European Martial ArtsAaron Harmonhistorical, philosophy, weapons2012Summer3
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2012tournament, kata, podiums2012Summer5
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2012tournament, freestyle, podiums2012Summer5
A Time to Remember 2012 Summer GatheringSue Heistclinic, memorial, retrospect2012Summer7
My Convention ExperienceJoe Bendorfseminar, convention, retrospect2012Summer8
Filiberto at Danzan Ryu BostonKate Jensenseminar, clinic, retrospect2012Summer9
Worth The TripKatie Murphy Stevensseminar, clinic, retrospect2012Summer10
The Danzan Levels of ExperienceKimo Williamsesoteric, curriculum2012Summer12
Tiger EyesSteve Brumméphysical, motivation, memoir2012Summer14
AJJF Board of Professors AJJF Executive Committee Phone Meetings May 6, 2012organizational2012Summer16
AJJF Board of Professors AJJF Executive Committee Phone Meetings July 1, 2012organizational2012Summer16
Black Belt Exam ChangesDominic Beltramiblack belt exam, organizational2012Summer18
Black Belt Promotions 2012announcement, promotion2012Summer18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2012Summer19
Sensei Don House and Zach BurgessRyan Shawgo2012Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacorganizational2012Spring2
A Few Notes on the Names of Our TechniquesTom Ballpronunciation2012Spring3
Back to the “Kumu”Tom Ryanhistorical, healing, retrospect2012Spring4
BOP RestructuringDennis Estesorganizational2012Spring6
Buffalo Jujitsu Continues to GrowGerry Halliganpromotion, school head, region2012Spring9
What Professor Okazaki Taught about SparringTom Langhistorical2012Spring10
Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu Kata Contest 2012tournament, kata, podiums2012Spring11
AJJF National Freestyle Contest Convention 2012tournament, freestyle, podiums2012Spring11
Camp Kodenkan North 2012announcement2012Spring13
Kids' Camp 2012announcement2012Spring14
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting March 4, 2012organizational2012Spring15
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting March 15, 2012organizational2012Spring15
Black Belt Exam ChangesDominic Beltramiblack belt exam, organizational2012Spring18
Black Belt Promotions 2012announcement, promotion2012Spring18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2012Spring19
Sensei Doug Musser, DZRSI Chairman2012Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzaccurriculum2012Winter2
Completing the Circle: Training With Okazaki SenseiDoug Musserseminar, healing, historical2012Winter3
Vitality and Personal PowerKimo Williamsesoteric2012Winter5
AJJF Convention 2012Nerissa Freemanannouncement2012Winter6
The Roles I PlayWard Melenichschool head, black belt, teacher2012Winter7
Grassroots TrainingGerry Halliganschool head, region2012Winter9
Self-Defense?Zeke McNellycurriculum, philosophy2012Winter10
Good Uke, Bad UkeTroy Shehorntools, partner2012Winter13
Black Belt Promotions 2011announcement, promotion2012Winter14
Death, Jujitsu, and You!Tom Langesoteric2012Winter15
Camp Kodenkan North 2012announcement2012Winter16
A View From The OutsideJay Drewmemoir2012Winter17
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2012Winter19
Sensei Gerald Halligan and Martin Brzykcy of Quest Jujitsu2011Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2011Fall2
OkuiNerissa Freemanesoteric, convention, announcement2011Fall3
JuJitsu vs. Wrestling and Boxing: Takahashi, Okazaki, and “Rubberman” Higami Take On the Morris BrothersCharles C. Goodinhistorical2011Fall5
Your Business in Print and PixelsNancy Webbbusiness2011Fall10
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2011tournament, kata, podiums2011Fall11
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2011tournament, freestyle, podiums2011Fall11
Redding Jujutsu Academy 39th Annual Kata Tournamenttournament, kata, podiums2011Fall12
Lessons Learned From Having a Heart AttackJay Drewmemoir2011Fall14
Training for CompetitionSteve Brummémemoir, solo training, motivation2011Fall16
Board of Professors Meeting Minutes Sept. 9-11, 2011organizational2011Fall17
AJJF Board of Professors Meeting November 6, 2011organizational2011Fall17
Changes To Examination For Black Belt PoliciesDominic Beltramiblack belt exam, organizational2011Fall18
Black Belt Promotions 2011announcement, promotion2011Fall18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2011Fall19
Professor Don Cross of Jujitsu-Do Martial Arts2011Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzachistorical2011Summer2
Jujitsu vs. Wrestling and BoxingCharles C. Goodinhistorical2011Summer3
Seeing the Similarities: The Fractal Nature of Danzan RyuJeremy Cornishcurriculum2011Summer7
The Value of the AJJF National ConventionFrancis Ferrisseminar, convention, motivation2011Summer9
My Favorite Event of the YearScott Reddenseminar, camp, retrospect2011Summer10
Weapons Weekend at Medford Judo AcademyEric Soaresseminar, clinic, retrospect2011Summer12
Belt Colors and Ranking TraditionDon Cunninghamhistorical2011Summer14
Board of Professors Meeting Minutes June 2011organizational2011Summer18
Black Belt Promotions 2011announcement, promotion2011Summer18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2011Summer19
Sensei Katharine Jensen of Torayama JujitsuDan Browining2011Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacconvention, region2011Spring2
The Kiai Echo is Movingorganizational2011Spring3
Thoughts on Kihon No Danzan RyuDon Crosstools, principles2011Spring4
The Theory of DuesRichard Howellfitness, physical, physiology2011Spring6
Zen and the Art Of... Well, EverythingHillary Kaplowitzteaching, learning2011Spring8
My First Brown Belt WeekendJeffrey Morganseminar, clinic, retrospect2011Spring10
Black Belt Promotions 2010, 2011announcement, promotion2011Spring10
The Proclamation of Hachiro OkazakiGene Edwardsorganizational2011Spring12
Dispelling the White to Black Belt MythBob McKeanhistorical2011Spring13
The “Boat Story”: Musings on Camp Kodenkan NorthNerissa Freemanmemoir, camp, announcement2011Spring15
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2011Spring19
Sensei Delina Fuchs of Chico Kodenkan2010Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzaccurriculum, esoteric2010Fall2
The Proclamation of Hachiro OkazakiAJJF Board of Professorshistorical2010Fall3
Finding the LightSteve Brummémemoir, esoteric2010Fall4
The Esoteric Principles of CancerGeorge Colememoir2010Fall5
Knife in the Woods 2010Dominic Beltramiseminar, clinic, retrospect2010Fall6
Hanbo Workshop at Yama NakaAnna Derey-Wilsonseminar, clinic, retrospect2010Fall7
Black Belt Promotions 2010announcement, promotion2010Fall8
The Greatest Camp on EarthSerena Finleyseminar, camp, retrospect2010Fall9
Redding Jujitsu 38th Annual Kata ContestJohn Pfundtournament, kata, retrospect2010Fall10
Musings on another stepDan Browningblack belt exam, retrospect2010Fall14
Redding Jujitsu 38th Annual Kata Contesttournament, kata, podiums2010Fall16
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2010Fall19
Professor Dennis Estes2010Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzaclearning2010Summer2
Trading Trophies For TraditionRoss Anthonyschool head, solo training2010Summer3
The Professors of Danzan Ryu JujitsuBob McKeanhistorical2010Summer4
After Camp Kodenkan North 2010Nerissa Freemanseminar, camp, retrospect2010Summer6
The Path to Confidence: Finding a Martial Arts School Letter IVSteve Brummémemoir2010Summer7
SokushinDoug Musserseminar, clinic, retrospect2010Summer8
Relaxation to Rev Up and Rev DownStephen R Balzacphysiology2010Summer9
Naumakua Huna Ho’ouna Secrets Transmitted by the Ancestors August 2010 - Chicago ClinicJeremy Cornishseminar, clinic, retrospect2010Summer10
AJJF Dress CodeBoard of Professorsorganizational2010Summer11
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting Teleconference June, 2010organizational2010Summer14
Black Belt Promotions 2010announcement, promotion2010Summer14
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2010tournament, kata, podiums2010Summer15
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2010Summer19
Professor Larry Nolte and Sensei Troy Shehorn2010Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacseminar, clinic, retrospect2010Spring2
The Judo MasterMarty Beckerbiography2010Spring3
Medford Judo Academy Celebrates 50th AnniversaryEric Soaresseminar, clinic, retrospect2010Spring4
The Mantis and The Mountain Finding Tong Long Kung Fu within Danzan Ryu JujitsuSteve Brummémemoir2010Spring6
First ImpressionsEric Atienzacurriculum2010Spring7
Climbing The Mountain A Dojo Is Not A DemocracyEphraim Schwartzmemoir, black belt exam2010Spring9
62nd Annual National Convention Oroville, CADelina Fuchsseminar, convention, retrospect2010Spring10
Black Belt Promotions 2010announcement, promotion2010Spring11
Seeing The Back of Your HeadStephen R. Balzacblack belt exam2010Spring13
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting April 15, 2010organizational2010Spring15
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting June 13, 2010organizational2010Spring15
Nemuri Kuma Kata Contest February 2010tournament, kata, podiums2010Spring16
Chico Kodenkan 2010 Freestyle Tourneytournament, freestyle, podiums2010Spring16
Competing With CrutchesSteve Brummémemoir2010Spring17
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2010Spring19
Senior Professor Tom Ball, Kudan2010Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacteaching2010Winter2
Tanren Ju Ni Hon – 12 Principles for TrainingHillary Kaplowitzteaching, principles2010Winter3
“How is the marathon going?” she askedSteve Brummémemoir2010Winter5
Why Do People Quit Martial Arts Training?Lance Adamslearning, motivation2010Winter6
Black Belt Promotions 2009announcement, promotion2010Winter7
Fujin Goshin No Maki Scroll of Women’s Self DefenseBob McKeanhistorical, curriculum2010Winter8
A Long Walk in the DesertSteve Brummémemoir2010Winter10
Redding Jujitsu Academy 37th Annual Kata Tournamenttournament, kata, podiums2010Winter12
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2010Winter19
Senior Professor Lamar Fisher 1926 - 20092009Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacteaching, leadership2009Fall2
Prof’s Story April 25, 1926 - Sept 10, 2009Dan Browning and Geoff Lanebiography2009Fall3
Memories of Professor FisherTom Ballmemorial2009Fall4
Memories of Professor FisherDan Howellmemorial2009Fall5
Preempt for 1969Lamar Fisher (submitted by Geoff Lane)esoteric2009Fall7
A Good Judo ManLamar Fisherpoem, esoteric2009Fall7
Memories of Professor FisherFrank Ferrismemorial2009Fall8
Remembering ProfDan Browningmemorial2009Fall9
Black Belt Promotions 2009announcement, promotion2009Fall9
16th Annual Knife in the WoodsDominic Beltramiseminar, camp, retrospect2009Fall10
Getting Out of Your Comfort ZoneJason Davistravel, retrospect2009Fall11
Conversations With Prof FisherGeoff Lanememorial2009Fall12
Memories of Professor FisherGeorge Arringtonmemorial2009Fall12
Uhane “Conscious Mind” Chicago Summer Clinic 2009Frank Pigattoseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Fall13
The AJJF National Convention and the Okazaki ScholarshipTed Himmahannouncement, organizational2009Fall14
Dedication Clinic in Thornton IllinoisMonica Villanuevaseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Fall14
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting September, 2009organizational2009Fall15
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting September 19, 2009organizational2009Fall15
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2009Fall19
Convention 2009 Kahu Mark Saito2009Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzaclearning, motivation2009Summer2
3 Ways to Help Your Ju Go FurtherKimo Williamslearning, esoteric2009Summer3
Rocky Mountain Regional 2009Kevin Pochockiseminar, camp, retrospect2009Summer4
Back to BasicsGeoff Lanefundamentals, curriculum2009Summer6
Studying Kata Concepts and Applications of Our ArtsScott Reddenlearning, fundamentals2009Summer7
Camp Kodenkan North 2009Nerissa Freemanseminar, camp, retrospect2009Summer8
61st Annual National ConventionKevin Coltonseminar, convention, retrospect2009Summer9
Kata and Internal DevelopmentRobert Hudsonlearning, esoteric2009Summer12
Learning From AnotherSusan Heistseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Summer13
The Tradition Continues Camp Kodenkan MidwestDan Browningseminar, camp, retrospect2009Summer14
The Return of CoachStephen R Balzacseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Summer15
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting June 14, 2009organizational2009Summer16
Makoto Kai Freestyle Contest 2009tournament, freestyle, podiums2009Summer16
Black Belt Promotions 2009announcement, promotion2009Summer17
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2009Summer19
The Kids of Palmetto Jujitsu Academy2009Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2009Spring2
5th Annual Robert Krull Memorial ClinicDominic Beltramiseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Spring3
Learning to be a SenseiShannon Washburnteaching, introspection2009Spring4
Beyond the Basic BoardsBob McKeanhistorical, curriculum2009Spring5
The Iron Fan Classical Weapon for a Modern Martial ArtHillary Kaplowitzhistorical, weapons2009Spring6
Kanji CornerEric Atienzalanguage, historical2009Spring9
Breakfast of Champions Danzan Ryu at Camp JoyBen Delichseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Spring10
My First Race: Bay to BreakersSteve Brummémemoir2009Spring11
Why Do I Like Jujitsu?Brandon Daniellearning, motivation2009Spring12
AJJF Contest Rules UpdatedJohn Pfundorganizational, tournament2009Spring13
Chico Kodenkan Freestyle Tournament 2009tournament, freestyle, podiums2009Spring14
National Freestyle Championships Convention 2009 Costa Mesa CAtournament, freestyle, podiums2009Spring14
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2009tournament, kata, podiums2009Spring14
Black Belt Promotions 2009announcement, promotion2009Spring15
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting December 14, 2008organizational2009Spring16
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting April 16, 2009organizational2009Spring16
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2009Spring19
Professor Robert Hudson2009Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2009Winter2
Our Blue Belts Can Beat Your Black Belts and other such bullDennis Estesesoteric2009Winter3
Black Belt Promotions 2008, 2009announcement, promotion2009Winter5
So Many Secrets, So Little Time Camp South 2008Ephraim Schwartzseminar, camp, retrospect2009Winter6
In Memoriam: Sandy Cross 1945-2008memorial2009Winter7
Way of the Warrior HealerDon Crosshealing, esoteric2009Winter8
Renzoku UndoJoshua Grantseminar, clinic, retrospect2009Winter9
Three Ways to Help Your Ju Go Further Part II: Use the ForceKimo Williamslearning, esoteric2009Winter10
Kanji CornerEric Atienzalanguage, historical2009Winter11
Redding Jujitsu Academy 36th Annual Kata Tournament 2008tournament, kata, podiums2009Winter12
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2009Winter19
Professor Jane Carr2008Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2008Fall2
Spiritual Training and The Warrior – Part IIMark Manuiwa Saito, Jr.esoteric, historical, learning2008Fall3
If I Can Do This, Anybody Can: Finding Peace In The Center Of ChaosSteve Brummémemoir2008Fall4
New AJJF Dojo in Eugene, OregonDon Crossannouncement2008Fall6
Nursery Rhymes, Kuzushi, and Rutgers KodenkanMeghan Hochseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Fall7
In Search Of The Original WayBob McKeanlearning2008Fall8
2008 Northwest Region Black Belt SeminarNerissa Freemanseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Fall9
15th Annual Knife in the Woods From Concrete Warriors to KITW SurvivorsDominic Beltramiseminar, camp, retrospect2008Fall10
The Danzan Ryu-Kenpo/Kempo ConnectionJoseph P. Rebelo IIhistorical2008Fall11
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting September 7, 2008organizational2008Fall13
Black Belt Promotions 2008announcement, promotion2008Fall13
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2008Fall19
Sensei Jeff Penner of Honshinkan2008Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacphysical2008Summer2
Jujitsu-Do: The Way of the Peaceful WarriorDon Crossesoteric2008Summer3
The Value of IgnoranceStephen R. Balzacseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer4
3 Ways to Help Your Ju Go Further Part One: Feel the FlowKimo Williamslearning, esoteric2008Summer5
Camp Kodenkan North 2008Nerissa Freemanseminar, camp, retrospect2008Summer6
Finding Peace in 26.2 milesSteve Brummémemoir2008Summer7
Professor Montero RememberedKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer8
Region II Brown Belt WeekendKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer8
12th Annual Southwest Regional ConventionKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer9
Prof Geoff Lane brings an early Summer Solstice to the Ge Shi Seminar in MinnesotaDan Browningseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer10
5th Annual Rocky Mountain ConventionKerry Segoseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer11
Mnemonojitsu – The Art of Memorization Using Memory Strategies to Learn Jujitsu Technique NamesHillary Kaplowitzlearning2008Summer12
A Gathering of OhanaDominic Beltramiseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Summer13
Spiritual Training and The Warrior – Part IMark Manuiwa Saito, Jr.esoteric, biography, historical2008Summer14
Jobu Shin Kan Kata Tournament 2008tournament, kata, podiums2008Summer16
Fudo No Sei Kaku Freestyle and Kata Tournament 2008tournament, freestyle, podiums2008Summer16
Lawndale Jujitsu Kai Freestyle and Sumo Tournaments 2008tournament, freestyle, podiums2008Summer16
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting June 8, 2008organizational2008Summer18
Black Belt Promotions 2008announcement, promotion2008Summer18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2008Summer19
Professor Imi Okazaki-Mullins 1938 - 20082008Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacmemorial2008Spring2
I Remember ImiWarrine Coffeymemorial2008Spring3
Lady YushiJane Carrmemorial2008Spring4
Imi OkazakiTony Janovichmemorial2008Spring4
Pat Browne: In MemoriamMarcus Shumpertmemorial2008Spring5
Wheelchair Bound Vet Rolls With The PunchesLeo Shane IIIbiography2008Spring6
Sutemi – History, Principle, and ApplicationFrederick Atienzahistorical, curriculum2008Spring7
Convention 2008Andy Brohardseminar, convention, retrospect2008Spring10
Instruction from Professor ImiEd Shatzenmemorial2008Spring12
National Freestyle Contest Results 2008 Conventiontournament, freestyle, podiums2008Spring13
Tri-Valley Martial Arts Freestyle 2008tournament, freestyle, podiums2008Spring13
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2008tournament, kata, podiums2008Spring13
Black Belt Promotions 2008announcement, promotion2008Spring14
Operations Committee: February Phone Conference and Convention Meetingsorganizational2008Spring15
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting National Conventionorganizational2008Spring15
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2008Spring19
Joel Nunn and Franko Ferris2008Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacseminar, clinic, motivation2008Winter2
30th Annual Brown Belt Weekend 2007Kevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Winter3
Northeast Division Regional Fall ClinicBen Majorseminar, clinic, retrospect2008Winter4
Aikido and Danzan Ryu: Different paths up the same mountainDan Browningcross training, curriculum2008Winter6
Camp Kodenkan North 2008Nerissa Freemanseminar, camp, announcement2008Winter8
Shakuhachi: Lessons of the fluteKimo Williamsfiction2008Winter9
InflammationJay Kalisekhealing, physical2008Winter11
35th Annual RJA Kata Contest 2007tournament, kata, podiums2008Winter12
Aikido in the English ClassroomDavid Kipperteaching, esoteric, cross training2008Winter14
Black Belt Promotions 2007, 2008announcement, promotion2008Winter15
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting December 3, 2007organizational2008Winter18
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting December 9, 2007organizational2008Winter18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2008Winter19
Professor Tom Hill2007Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2007Fall2
Weapons Training Sharpens Your Body ArtsDan Browningweapons, cross training2007Fall3
Encounter With a Grand MasterMichael Belzermemoir2007Fall5
Camp Kodenkan North 2007Kathie Himmah and Karen Lollisseminar, camp, retrospect2007Fall10
A Final Tribute to Frank Diarmit, a True WarriorLarry Noltememorial2007Fall11
Nice Hanbo! Selection, Preparation, and Care of Wooden WeaponsDelina Fuchs and Nerissa Freemanweapons2007Fall12
Use of WeaponsPhil Amesweapons2007Fall14
Benefits of Weapons TrainingTom Hillweapons, cross training2007Fall15
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting August 27, 2007organizational2007Fall18
Black Belt Promotions 2007announcement, promotion2007Fall18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2007Fall19
Seifukujitsu Instructor Cynthia Frueh2007Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzaccurriculum, healing2007Summer2
Kappo/SappoDan Browningcurriculum, healing, historical2007Summer3
Remembrances of My Sensei – Donn F. DraegerMichael P. Belzermemoir2007Summer4
Black Belt Promotions 2007announcement, promotion2007Summer6
From Sappo to KappoLyle Najitacurriculum, healing2007Summer7
Buffalo Summer ClinicKate Jensenseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Summer8
DZR Is A-OK In AZHillary Kaplowitzseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Summer9
Brown Belt Weekend 2006Kevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Summer10
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2007tournament, kata, podiums2007Summer10
Spreading Danzan Ryu JujitsuBenjamin Delichschool head, business2007Summer11
Black Belt Seminar 2006Kevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Summer13
The Practice of OppositesPhil Amescurriculum2007Summer14
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting June 3, 2007organizational2007Summer16
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting June 10, 2007organizational2007Summer16
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2007Summer19
Al Wolterbeek and Kevin Beckman of Gold Country Jujitsu2007Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric, historical2007Spring2
Understanding PainJon Brennanphysiology2007Spring3
Godans to ColoradoKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Spring4
Kokua: The Tao of Danzan Ryu?Kimo Williamsesoteric, historical2007Spring5
Darth Vader Killed Your FatherStephen R Balzacesoteric2007Spring6
USJA Junior Nationals 2006Bronwyn Butler and Tom Ryantournament, judo, retrospect2007Spring8
Senior Rank At A Junior AgeBridgit Wilsontournament, exam, retrospect2007Spring9
Black Belt Promotions 2007announcement, promotion2007Spring10
Professor Tom Hill’s California JunketKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Spring11
MIT Snow ClinicStephen R Balzacseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Spring12
An InvitationGeoff Laneseminar, clinic, announcement2007Spring14
AJJF Freestyle Nationals 2007tournament, freestyle, podiums2007Spring16
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting March 18, 2007organizational2007Spring17
Operations Committee Meeting March 29, 2007organizational2007Spring17
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting March 29, 2007organizational2007Spring18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2007Spring19
Sensei Kevin Colton of Santa Clarita Valley2007Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacethics2007Winter2
Fundamental principles of martial artsRichard Howellprinciples2007Winter3
Jobu Shin Kan Fireannouncement2007Winter6
Rocky Mountain Regional #3Grace Mosgellerseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Winter7
Medford ExamsKathie Himmahblack belt exam, retrospect2007Winter8
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting December 10, 2006organizational2007Winter9
2006 AJJF Eastern Division Palmetto Fall ClinicTom Ryanseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Winter10
The Jujitsu ClinicAnna Claireseminar, clinic, retrospect2007Winter11
Redding JuJitsu Academy 34th Annual Tournament 2006tournament, kata, podiums2007Winter12
Timpanogos Jujitsu Junior Kata/Adult Freestyle Contest 2006tournament, kata, podiums2007Winter12
Black Belt Promotions 2006, 2007announcement, promotion2007Winter13
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2007Winter19
Steve Brummé of Honshin Kan2006Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacteaching2006Fall2
Summer Jam 2006Ward Melenichseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Fall3
AJJF 2006 Northeast Division Seminar Rutgers Jujitsukas Grapple, Throw, and Fall Through SeminarBen Major and Christianne Cainseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Fall4
Seminars at MITseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Fall6
The Empty StoreKimo Williamsesoteric, teaching2006Fall8
Why Practice Martial Arts?Dan Browningmemoir, esoteric2006Fall9
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting August 27, 2006organizational2006Fall11
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting September 15, 2006organizational2006Fall11
Makoto Kai Freestyle Contest 2006tournament, freestyle, podiums2006Fall12
Black Belt Promotions 2006announcement, promotion2006Fall12
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2006Fall19
Kathie Himmah and Kyle Parker of Gold Country Jujitsu2006Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacorganizational2006Summer2
What Self-Defense Instructors Need to Know About Sexual Assault and Its PreventionTom Langself defense2006Summer3
Sensei: Friend and TeacherConor Withammemoir2006Summer6
Things to Remember in JudoBud Estes (submitted by Tom Ball)principles, ethics, fundamentals2006Summer7
Jujitsu Massage-a-thonHillary Kaplowitzhealing, retrospect2006Summer7
Tenth Annual SW Region WeekendKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Summer8
Cartesian Splits and Chinese SplitsStephen R. Balzaclearning2006Summer9
Black Belt Promotions 2006announcement, promotion2006Summer12
AJJF Kata Contest Davis Judo-Kai 2006tournament, kata, podiums2006Summer13
AJJF Kata Contest Makoto Kai 2006tournament, kata, podiums2006Summer13
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting June 11, 2006organizational2006Summer14
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting June 7, 2006organizational2006Summer14
Southwest Region Freestyle Contest 2006tournament, freestyle, podiums2006Summer14
How Well Do You Know Your Kata Contest Rules?Scott Reddentournament, organizational2006Summer15
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2006Summer19
Meet the new professors: Professors Tom Hill, Sheryl Hager, and Tom Ryan2006Springcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacesoteric2006Spring2
The Wandering Uke Goes EastWandering Ukeseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Spring3
Way of the Warrior HealerKimo Williamsseminar, camp, retrospect2006Spring4
Big-Ding-Shin-Dig Colorado StyleGrace Mosgellerseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Spring6
Duluth Winter ClinicSohn Wehselerseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Spring7
Basic Weapon Defense TacticsBenjamin Delichweapons, fundamentals2006Spring8
2006 Annual Convention Kime: Focus the Mindseminar, convention, retrospect2006Spring10
Start your Summer at Camp Kodenkan NorthTim Merrillseminar, camp, announcement2006Spring12
Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu Third annual Kata Contesttournament, kata, podiums2006Spring13
2006 AJJF National Freestyle Championshipstournament, freestyle, podiums2006Spring15
Board of Directors Meeting December 11, 2005organizational2006Spring16
AJJF Board of Directors Meeting March 2, 2006organizational2006Spring16
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting March 2, 2006organizational2006Spring17
Black Belt Promotions 2006announcement, promotion2006Spring18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2006Spring19
Chico Kodenkan/Kodenkan South 4th Annual Freestyle Tournament 2006tournament, freestyle, podiums2006Springback
Getting out of the House: Jujitsu at Sequoia National Park2006Wintercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacmotivation2006Winter2
Getting Out of the House with Bob ReishEric Soaresseminar, camp, retrospect2006Winter3
2005 Gold Country Interschool Friendship CampKerry Segoseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Winter5
27th Annual Brown Belt Weekend in ChicoDelina Fuchsseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Winter6
2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Region ConventionBob Hodgkinseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Winter8
AJJF Blackbelt Weekend 2005Jon Sylviaseminar, clinic, retrospect2006Winter9
Diato-Ryu AikijujutsuJoshua Grantcross training, historical2006Winter10
Exactly what is the AJJF?Tom Ballorganizational2006Winter12
2005 AJJF Freestyle Tournament Chico Kodenkan and Kodenkan Southtournament, freestyle, podiums2006Winter13
Redding Jujitsu Academy 33rd Annual Kata Tournamenttournament, kata, podiums2006Winter14
4th Quarter BOD and OpsComm 2005organizational2006Winter15
Black Belt Promotions 2005announcement, promotion2006Winter16
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2006Winter19
Knife in the Desert: Running the gauntlet at Pyramid Lake2005Fallcover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacmotivation2005Fall2
Spontaneous Clinic and Kata ContestFrank Ferristournament, kata, retrospect2005Fall3
East Coast Summer ClinicStephen R Balzacseminar, clinic, retrospect2005Fall4
Knife in the DesertWandering Ukeseminar, camp, retrospect2005Fall6
Summer Camp 2005 – A PilgrimageCynthia Ferrisseminar, camp, retrospect2005Fall8
Black Belt Promotions 2005announcement, promotion2005Fall9
Police Defensive Tactics More than a Collection of Martial Arts TechniquesBob McKeancurriculum2005Fall10
Leggo My EgoStephen R Balzaclearning2005Fall12
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2005Fall19
Camp Kodenkan North returns after a 5-year hiatus2005Summercover
Editor’s CornerStephen Balzacorganizational2005Summer2
2005 Camp Kodenkan NorthKerry Segoseminar, camp, retrospect2005Summer3
Professor Okazaki and the Challenge MatchesBruce Andershistorical2005Summer4
Getting Out of the House - and What to Take with YouDavid Kippercross training2005Summer6
Martial Arts in SchoolsIan Himmahmotivation2005Summer8
Black Belt Promotions 2005announcement, promotion2005Summer11
2005 AJJF National Freestyle Championshipstournament, freestyle, podiums2005Summer11
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2005tournament, kata, podiums2005Summer12
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting AJJF School Heads Meeting April 28, 2005organizational2005Summer13
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting June 5, 2005organizational2005Summer13
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2005Summer15
The ‘Esoteric Principles’ point to the aiki in kiaiDan Browningcross training2005Springcover
Kunkel reaches out to wounded veteransDavid W. Rossneybiography2005Springcover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2005Spring2
Professor Jack WheatGeorge Arringtonmemorial2005Spring3
Another hot clinic in Duluth Guest instructor Sensei Tom Hill sets the rhythmLea Bournseminar, clinic, retrospect2005Spring4
Another great time in Palmetto, GeorgiaTom Ryanseminar, clinic, retrospect2005Spring6
Kiai Echo, build sense of ohanaWard Melenichorganizational2005Spring8
Tom Lang puts 5 years of stick research into a 6-hour classBruce Andersseminar, clinic, retrospect2005Spring11
Snow camp: A beginner’s journeyChristine Cooperseminar, clinic, retrospect2005Spring13
Bob McKean’s combat knife course Lessons in reality and camaraderieRobert Hodgkin and Kevin Coltonseminar, camp, retrospect2005Wintercover
Introductory classes can keep students in your dojoNancy Bighamteaching, school head, business2005Wintercover
Prof. Jack Wheat Feb 23, 1919 - Oct 20, 2004Daniel W. Saragosamemorial2005Wintercover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2005Winter2
Tech tip: Swiss Army portable matTim Merrillschool head, business2005Winter4
Reflections on kokua: It takes a village to raise a black beltTim Merrillintrospection, black belt exam2005Winter6
AJJF Operations Committee meeting Dec 8, 2004organizational2005Winter10
Black Belt Promotions 2005announcement, promotion2005Winter11
Teaching trains the instructor and the studentTim Merrillteaching2005Winter12
Nemuri Kuma Fall Kata Contest 2004tournament, kata, podiums2005Winter13
These kowami exercises will warm up more than your bodyFrank Ferriscurriculum2005Winter14
Down, but not out? 12 ways to turn over that combative ukeTom Langprinciples, physical, curriculum2004Fallcover
Master Po still has something in mindDave Fairfieldesoteric2004Fallcover
Art of Ikebana brings jujitsu into full flowerAlyssa Clarkcross training2004Fallcover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2004Fall2
Reflections: An old judo player on competitionGlenn Shiffletmemoir2004Fall9
Think you’re ready for your black belt? Your rank exam begins todayPete St. Pierreorganizational, black belt exam2004Fall10
Operations Committee Phone Meeting September 4, 2004organizational2004Fall11
Prof. Carr honoredbiography2004Fall11
DZR NYC Summer JamWandering Ukeseminar, clinic, retrospect2004Fall12
9th Annual Spontaneous Kata ContestFrank Ferristournament, kata, retrospect2004Fall13
Black Belt Promotions 2004announcement, promotion2004Fall13
Lamar Fisher: Soldier, father, teacher. To us, he’s “Prof”Dan Browningbiography2004Summercover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2004Summer2
AJJF Operations Committee Meeting June 19, 2004organizational2004Summer13
Franco Ferris and Kevin Colton in Colorado for 2nd Annual ClinicKevin Colton and Frank Ferrisseminar, clinic, retrospect2004Summer15
AJJF dojo helps fight cancer in 24-hour walk-a-thonKevin Coltoncommunity2004Summerback
In Memorium Robert Frederick Krull 1936 - 2004Tom Langmemorial2004Springcover
No Mind! Flowing without thought It’s not what you thinkSohn Wehseleresoteric2004Springcover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2004Spring2
2004 AJJF National Freestyle Championshipstournament, retrospect, podiums2004Spring7
Conventional wisdom Sutemi, Yawara, ShinyoDan Browningesoteric2004Spring10
No contest: The real tough man is Ryan Bennettsbiography2004Spring11
City of Oakland, Calif., pays for community Danzan Ryu classesJoAnn Strangbusiness, community2004Spring12
Putting ‘ki’ to work in IsraelRay Sabbariself defense, memoir2004Spring12
Operations Committee and School Heads meetings March 18, 2004organizational2004Spring13
AJJF SW Region Spontaneous Kata Contest, 2004, at the Westside YMCAtournament, kata, podiums2004Spring15
Nemuri Kuma Kata Contest 2004tournament, kata, podiums2004Spring15
Black Belt Promotions 2004announcement, promotion2004Spring15
Review of black belt exams brings changesPete St. Pierreorganizational2004Wintercover
The AJJF changes its management structureDennis Estesorganizational2004Wintercover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2004Winter2
Black Belt Promotions 2003, 2004announcement, promotion2004Winter3
Hard training mixes with good hunting in S.D.Vincent Webbseminar, clinic, retrospect2004Winter6
Operations Committee Meeting, Oct. 5 2003organizational2004Winter9
Operations Committee Meeting, Dec. 13, 2003organizational2004Winter9
A View From the Sidelines: Black Belt Weekend 2003Peter Griggsseminar, clinic, retrospect2004Winter11
A personal story Lazarus ReloadedFrank Ferrismemoir2004Winter12
Rutgers 2003 Fall Seminar - Keeping warm with camaraderieBarb Gessnerseminar, clinic, retrospect2004Winter13
Jujitsu the healing artJeanne Garmanmemoir, healing2004Winter14
Kokua Cup Challenge No smile, no scoreRandy Schustertournament, retrospect2004Winterback
After failing her shodan, she beats fear of failureLea Bourninspiration, black belt exam2003Fallcover
The lessons of Danzan Ryu guide student on way to PhDLinda McLaughlinmemoir2003Fallcover
Math fears submit to jujitsuConor Withammemoir2003Fallcover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2003Fall2
Part 2: Using qi as shorthand to develop an external focus of attentionStephen R Balzaclearning2003Fall6
Operations Committee Minutes June 1, 2003organizational2003Fall8
From the editor Applying ju to the Kiai Echo stylebookDan Browningorganizational, editorial2003Fall8
Finding the balance between martial arts and dojo businessWard Melenichbusiness2003Fall12
Chicagoland summer camp 2003seminar, clinic, retrospect2003Fall13
Hints in Teaching Judo: A Motor SkillBud Estes and Lamar Fisherfundamentals, historical2003Fall14
The source of martial intentions lies withinJack Durnerseminar, clinic, retrospect2003Fall15
Another successful Brown Belt Weekend in Chicoseminar, clinic, retrospect2003Fallback
Striking a balanceDan Browningseminar, convention, retrospect2003Summercover
Mastering the alchemy of the healing artsFrank Ferrishealing2003Summercover
Wrestling with concepts Form, or Function?Jose Ortizcross training2003Summercover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2003Summer2
Operations Committee, School Heads meetings, March 27-30, 2003organizational2003Summer7
Duluth judoka triumphtournament, judo, retrospect2003Summer8
AJJF National Convention Freestyle Contest 2003tournament, freestyle, podiums2003Summer8
Palmetto Jujitsu Academy retains state judo championshipTom Ryantournament, podiums, retrospect2003Summer9
Black Belt Promotions 2003announcement, promotion2003Summer10
Memorial Day marks the end of an era as two great senseis move onTom Langseminar, clinic, retrospect2003Summer15
Prof. Raymond V. “Duke” Moore An American jujutsu pioneerJerry Kunzmanmemorial2003Summer17
Jujutsu PowerEphraim Schwartzseminar, camp, retrospect2003Summer18
Part 1: Using qi as shorthand to develop an external focus of attentionStephen R Balzaclearning2003Summer6
AJJF’s 55th Annual ConventionLisa Hirschseminar, convention, retrospect2003Summerback
Professor, soldier, hero, beloved friend Ramón “Lono” Ancho Jr.Tom Ryanmemorial2003Springcover
An Approach to Unarmed Weapons Defense: The “RRCD” StrategyTom Langprinciples2003Springcover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2003Spring2
Nick Labarthe dies, ran Corning Judo Academy for yearsJane Carrmemorial2003Spring5
Ode to Okuri HaraiLori Gustafsonpoem2003Spring5
In memorium Mike LynchGeorge Kirbymemorial2003Spring8
Kon Jo Jujusukai bears good fruit from its strong, well-tended rootsMaude Dullbiography2003Spring9
Chico Kodenkan 25th Anniversary Celebration and Freestyle Tournament 2003Delina Fuchstournament, retrospect, podiums2003Spring11
In memorium Ed PetersonDennis Estesmemorial2003Spring12
In memorium Ed Peterson, Mike LynchFranko Ferrismemorial2003Spring12
Black Belt Promotions 2002, 2003announcement, promotion2003Spring12
The Tao of JujutsuKim Husbandcross training2003Spring13
Reflections on Chushin No good time is without difficultyFrancis Ferrisseminar, convention, retrospect2003Springback
On the path to Master Okazaki's dream: The AJJF extends its graspDan Browningorganizational2003Wintercover
Reflections on the paradox of rankValerie Glatron-Pilloudettiquette, promotion2003Wintercover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2003Winter2
Board of Managers Meeting June 2, 2002organizational2003Winter7
Board of Managers Meeting August 25, 2002organizational2003Winter7
Board of Managers Meeting November 24, 2002organizational2003Winter7
Liability in the Dojo: Rocks and Hard PlacesGeorge S. Colelegal2003Winter8
Mr. Engineer explains katate tori niRandy Schusterphysical2003Winter9
Redding JuJitsu Academy Tournaments 2002kata, freestyle, podiums2003Winter10
Black Belt Promotions 2002announcement, promotion2003Winter10
Lost but not forgottenMarlene Nakamotomotivation, promotion2003Winter13
Sheholm clinic impressivePhillip A. Paramoseminar, clinic, retrospect2003Winter14
Camp Kodenkan North - A notebookPhillip A. Paramoseminar, camp, retrospect2003Winter15
He's a real Nowhere ManVince Webbmotivation2003Winterback
The Inverse PearlStephen R Balzacesoteric, meditation2002Fallcover
Shugyo! Bracing for the long haulSohn Wehselermotivation, community2002Fallcover
So, you've got a black belt? Your training has just begunTom Langprinciples, learning, teaching2002Fallcover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2002Fall2
A personal view The 'ju' of the AJJF: EvolutionJames Musselman and John Douglasorganizational, historical2002Fall6
The captain and the shipBurkhard Bohmettiquette, leadership2002Fall9
Black Belt Promotions 2002announcement, promotion2002Fall11
Kappo and Common SenseJohn Congistre with Michael Itagakihealing, physiology2002Fall12
Correction: AJJF and dan system ranksJames Musselmanorganizational, historical2002Fall12
Acute injury managementCynthia Fruehhealing, physiology2002Fall13
Sensei's Corner Want to improve your jujutsu?Tim Bolandmemoir, cross training2002Fall14
Redding JuJitsu Academy Freestyle Tournament 2002tournament, freestyle, podiums2002Fall15
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 2002tournament, kata, podiums2002Fall15
Palmetto Jujitsu Academy and Healing Arts Center Judo ChampionshipsTom Ryantournament, judo, retrospect2002Fall15
The secrets of shinnin Accepting death, abandoning fearGeoff Lanecurriculum, memoir, motivation2002Summercover
The ju of katate tori ni: Minimum effort for maximum bone painMichael W. Itagakicurriculum, physical2002Summercover
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2002Summer2
Sensei’s Corner 12 key elements required to make Shime waza workWard Melenich and Sohn Wehselercurriculum, principles2002Summer7
Precautions protect dojos from lawsuitsGeorge S. Colelegal2002Summer7
From Jujutsu to Gyrotokinesis And Back AgainTom Langcross training, physiology2002Summer9
20th Annual Camp Kodenkan Midwest Shojin: Constant effort, constant trainingMary Bolandannouncement2002Summer10
Black Belt Promotions 2002announcement, promotion2002Summer11
AJJF Board of Managers and School Heads meetings on March 2002organizational2002Summer12
Freestyle Championships at the 2002 AJJF Conventiontournament, freestyle, podiums2002Summer13
The world of jujutsu Gendai Goshin Ryu A modern martial artIvica Zdravkovichistorical2002Summer14
Shoshin (Beginner’s Mind) Camp SouthEphraim Schwartzseminar, camp, retrospect2002Summer15
From our PresidentLamar Fisherconvention, historical, retrospect2002Summerback
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2002Winter2
AJJF Massage Program Report September 22, 2001Cynthia Fruehorganizational2002Winter4
No Mind and the NotebookDelina Fuchsesoteric2002Winter6
Ishi Do: The Way Of The CouchJerold Kunzmanmemoir, motivation2002Winter8
Determination and Hard WorkChris Nicholasmemoir, motivation2002Winter10
Kodenkan Protocol and Ethics From the 1981 Kiai Echo: Memorial IssueBud Estesettiquette, tradition2002Winter12
Bud and Lukie Estes Memorial Kata and Freestyle Contest 2001 The KoDenKan Institutetournament, podiums2002Winter14
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2001Summer2
Black Belt Promotions 2001announcement, promotion2001Summer6
Convention 2001 Highlightsseminar, convention, retrospect2001Summer7
Medford Judo Academy Celebrates 40 Yearsseminar, clinic, retrospect2001Summer10
AJJF Board of Managers Meeting June 10, 2001organizational2001Summer10
Learning the Art Through the Experience of CrutchesSteve Brummémemoir2001Summer12
Swing JutsuDave Klauscross training2001Summer14
Prof Bud EstesBurl Estesmemorial2001Summerback
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2001January2
AJJF Region 1 Brown Belt Weekend (Not Just a Bunch of Bull)Kevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect2001January3
AJJF Board of Managers Meeting September 22, 2000organizational2001January6
Learn that Fightin' StuffMichael Holtpoem2001January6
Word Scramblepuzzle2001January7
Shake it off and step up!Jim Fairchildmotivation2001January7
Learning the Art Through the Experience of CrutchesSteve Brummémemoir2001January10
Black Belt Promotions 2000announcement, promotion2001January11
Professor Raymond Lewis Lawmemorial2001Januaryback
AJJF Convention 2000Valerie Pilloudseminar, convention, retrospect2000Summer2
AJJF Allied ProgramHerb LaGueorganizational2000Summer3
Davis Judo-Kai Hosts World Travelersseminar, clinic, retrospect2000Summer4
In Memory of Christopher BlomGlenn Deitschmemorial2000Summer9
Black Belt Promotions 2000announcement, promotion2000Summer9
Learning the Art Through the Experience of CrutchesSteve Brummémemoir2000Summer10
So long as it catches ratsCarly Schusterartwork2000Summer10
Channeling the Ancient Art of WheeKerry K. Lorimermemoir, motivation2000Summer11
Budo PassLisa Goldoftasorganizational2000Summer12
Massageorganizational, healing2000Summer13
Prof. John Kalei CahillGeorge Arringtonmemorial2000Summerback
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2000Spring2
AJJF Board of Managers Meeting February 20, 2000organizational2000Spring2
Black Belt Promotions 1999, 2000announcement, promotion2000Spring3
James Marcinkus, A SenseiSteve Singletonmemorial2000Spring6
Word Findpuzzle2000Spring7
Eri Katsu Releasing a locked diaphragmJane Carrhealing, curriculum2000Spring7
Mad Libpuzzle2000Spring7
Sketches of ThrowsGina Von Dammartwork2000Spring8
Region II Convention March 4-5, 2000 - SCVseminar, clinic, retrospect2000Spring9
Junior Biography Casey Wesleybiography2000Spring9
KDK Contest Resultstournament, kata, freestyle2000Spring10
RJA Contest Resultstournament, freestyle, podiums2000Spring10
52nd Annual Sensei Memorial Judo TournamentPatricia Rebmanntournament, judo, podiums2000Spring10
Professor Richard RickertsGeorge Arringtonmemorial2000Springback
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational2000Winter2
Black Belt Promotions 1999announcement, promotion2000Winter3
Word Findpuzzle2000Winter7
Sketches of ThrowsAlex Del Rioartwork2000Winter8
Camp Kodenkan South, Columbia, South CarolinaTom Ryanseminar, camp, retrospect2000Winter10
Will Fall for FoodFrank Ferrismemoir2000Winter10
Redding Contest Results 1999tournament, kata, podiums2000Winter11
AJJF National Jujitsu Tournament 1999tournament, kata, podiums2000Winter11
Profiles: Henry OkazakiRobert Hudsonbiography2000Winterback
From Franko EditorFrank Ferrismemorial1999Summer1
AJJF Convention 99 Sacramento, CAseminar, convention, retrospect1999Summer2
In Memory of Professor Sig KufferathSarah Silvagnimemorial1999Summer3
Words for SigBob Hudsonmemorial1999Summer4
A Tale of Two ShinWard Melenichparable1999Summer5
Jujitsu NotebookSandy Saunderschronical1999Summer6
A Healing JourneyDon Crossmemoir, healing1999Summer7
The Carpenterparable1999Summer9
Black Belt Promotions 1999announcement, promotion1999Summer9
Getting Outside of Your Comfort ZoneBob McKeancross training1999Summer11
AJJF Flow ChartHerb LaGueorganizational1999Summer13
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1999Summer14
When Should I Strike and When Should I Throw?Steve McLaughlinesoteric1999Summer19
The Wandering Uke in ItalyFrank Ferristravel1999Summer20
The Magical Black BeltDaniel Barrettintrospection1999Summer21
The Reality of ViolenceBurhardt Bohmesoteric1999Summer22
AJJF National Demo Team Competition Results 1999tournament, demo, podiums1999Summer23
Redding JuJitsu Academy Freestyle Tournament 1999Jane Carrtournament, podiums, retrospect1999Summer23
Canyon Clinic and ContestEd Shatzen and Kevin Coltonclinic, tournament, retrospect1999Summer24
Region II Kata Contest Resultstournament, kata, podiums1999Summer25
Board of Managers Meeting April 7, 1999organizational1999Summer26
Photograph circa 1950s: Professors John Cahill, Bud Estes, Ray Law, Dick Rickerts1998Fallcover
From the Interim EditorLisa Goldoftasorganizational1998Fall1
AAU Jujitsu Demo Team CompetitionRandy Schustertournament, retrospect, podiums1998Fall4
Thanks to Anonymouscommunity1998Fall5
Views From AJJF Convention/Ohana 98seminar, convention, retrospect1998Fall6
The Most Importand Gift You Can Give Your JuJitsu StudentsPhilip Copitchteaching, school head, motivation1998Fall7
Camp Kodenkan Northseminar, camp, retrospect1998Fall8
LoyaltyLee Dudleyesoteric1998Fall9
Makoto In My MindJames R. Musselmanesoteric1998Fall9
Black Belt Promotions 1998announcement, promotion1998Fall9
Midwest Jujitsu Camp, Duluth Min.John Congistreseminar, camp, retrospect1998Fall10
Summer CampJohn Grimesseminar, camp, retrospect1998Fall10
Quiz: 40th Anniversary of the AJJFgame1998Fall11
The Fence (A parable)Nyla Davisparable1998Fall11
Getting Out of the House (Without Leaving)Danny Barrettcross training1998Fall12
A Matter of ChoiceBurkhard Bohmesoteric1998Fall13
Motorcycle Wrecks and AffiliationsSteve McLaughlinmemoir1998Fall14
A Fall Fall-In Before the Snow FellLee Dudleyseminar, clinic, retrospect1998Fall15
Ask Mr. EngineerRandy Schusterphysical1998Fall16
Region 4 HappeningsChris Pritchardseminar, clinic, retrospect1998Fall18
A Call to ServeRandy Stefaniesoteric, teaching, memoir1998Fall18
News from Law Vegas, NevadaRich Borbacross training1998Fall19
Another PerspectiveBarbara H. Gessneresoteric1998Fall20
AJJF unfolds Insurance PlanCynthia Fruehorganizational1998Fall20
Dealing With The Next Millennium?J. R. Musselmanesoteric, teaching1998Fall21
What is the Way of Universal Love and Mutual BenefitBarbara H. Gessneresoteric1998Fall22
Quick Thinking Martial Artist Cheats DeathGregory Poretzhealing1998Fall26
26th Annual Kata Tournament, Redding JuJitsu Academy 1998Jane Carrtournament, retrospect, podiums1998Fall27
Board of Managers Meeting May 22, 1998organizational1998Fall28
Board of Managers Meeting August 29, 1998organizational1998Fall29
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1998Fall31
Lineup of Professors at Ohana 98seminar, convention, retrospect1998Fallback
From the EditorJohn S. O'Connororganizational1997Fall2
Where Have All the Jujitsuka Gone?Gregory Poretzmotivation1997Fall3
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About ExaminationsJames Musselmanblack belt exam, organizational1997Fall4
Pat Browne Memorial Conventionseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Fall6
The Natural Order of ThingsDanny Barrettesoteric1997Fall10
Zen FunniesBrian Kihnemuyiartwork1997Fall11
The Words on my Dojo WallEd Burgessesoteric1997Fall11
Keeping the Option of Peace Open When Forced to Fight BackDon Crossethics1997Fall12
The GatheringTom Ballseminar, cross training, retrospect1997Fall13
Happenings in the Pacific NorthwestSue Jenningsseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Fall14
Tournament Results from the H. S. Okazaki Invitational Jujitsu Kata Tournamenttournament, retrospect, podiums1997Fall14
ContestsGeoff Lanetournament, motivation1997Fall16
Region 1 Jujitsu Kata Resultstournament, kata, podiums1997Fall16
Region II Massage ProgramEd Shatzenhealing, clinic, retrospect1997Fall17
Keisho SuruLynn Schmittschool head, tradition1997Fall18
The AJJF is alive and well in - - Colorado?Jay Kalisaktravel, school head, motivation1997Fall19
Weight Training to Enhance Your JujitsuChristine Pritchardphysical, cross training1997Fall20
20th (or so) Annual Brown Belt Weekendseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Fall23
Ithaca College Sei Shin Kan Jujitsu Campseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Fall24
Awakening My SpiritMike Millerintrospection, black belt exam1997Fall26
Words of WisdomJohn Congistrehumor1997Fall27
From the EditorJohn S. O'Connorethics1997Summer2
Muscle Injury and HealingNerissa Freemanphysical, healing1997Summer4
News From Kokua Jujitsu KaiJohnny Matijevichseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Summer7
Pushing the EnvelopeStephen R Balzaccross training, historical, weapons1997Summer8
Fighting With FoolsDanny Barrettmotivation1997Summer11
The Wisdom of Yoda Part ITroy Burdickesoteric, motivation1997Summer12
AJJF Massage Certification Programannouncement, healing1997Summer13
Region 1 Newstournament, kata, podiums1997Summer13
The True Value of Martial Art TrainingDon Crossesoteric, principles, motivation1997Summer14
Region 5 Happeningsseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Summer15
Aiki JujitsuTom Jenkinscross training, historical1997Summer16
AAU ReportHerb LaGueorganizational1997Summer18
Camp Kodenkan Northseminar, camp, retrospect1997Summerback
From the EditorJohn S. O'Connororganizational1997Spring2
ChoicesDanny Barrettintrospection1997Spring3
Black Belt Promotions 1997announcement, promotion1997Spring3,5,9,13
Chi Gong: The Ancient Art of Energy Renewal and Life ExtensionDon Crosscross training, internal1997Spring4
A Good Judo ManLamar Fisherpoem1997Spring5
Cakes and AleJames Musselmanparable1997Spring5
The Wandering Uke Goes Massagin'Frank Ferrisintrospection, healing1997Spring6
Getting Out of the Housecross training, weapons1997Spring7
Practical Applications for GrapplingMargaret Zikelicurriculum1997Spring8
Region Five SeminarAlex Limbaughseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Spring9
Camp Kodenkan SouthKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Spring11
Region 2 Police ClinicKevin Coltonseminar, clinic, retrospect1997Spring11
Share Your MemoriesJason Gussmanmemorial1997Spring12
LearningStephan B. Sandersmemorial1997Spring15
Colored BeltsDon A. Cunninghamhistorical1997Spring18
National Freestyle Competition 1996tournament, freestyle, podiums1997Spring21
From the EditorJohn S. O'Connororganizational1996Winter2
Region 2 ConventionEd Shatzenseminar, clinic, retrospect1996Winter3
Quotable QuoteThomas Hillesoteric, teaching1996Winter4
Camp Kodenkan Midwest 1996seminar, clinic, retrospect1996Winter6
Camp Kodenkan West 1996seminar, clinic, retrospect1996Winter7
Leave the "Martial" in Martial ArtsDanny Barrettesoteric1996Winter8
Don't Take the "Do" Out of BudoJohn O'Connoresoteric1996Winter9
Not the Travelling Uketravel, memoir1996Winter14
Camp Kodenkan NorthMark Petersseminar, camp, retrospect1996Winter15
Some Thoughts About ProtocolBurkhard Bohmetiquette1996Winter16
Board of Professors Meeting October 11, 1996organizational1996Winter18
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1996Winter19
From the EditorJohn S. O'Connororganizational1996Summer2
In Memory of Professor Carl LundinJohn Congistrememorial1996Summer3, back
Open LetterMaureen Brownememorial1996Summer4
Reflections of Convention 1996Pat Brownememorial, memoir1996Summer5
Dojo Profile Kuroinukan Danzan Ryu JujutsuWard Melenich and Sohn Wehselerorganizational, school head1996Summer6
Dojo Profile Tora Getsu KodenkaiGerry Halliganorganizational, school head1996Summer6
Dojo Profile Shum Pu Kan DojoThomas Hillorganizational, school head1996Summer7
Dojo Profile Cornell JuJitsu KaiRoy Lonnbergorganizational, school head1996Summer7
Report from Region 5Berry Bennettclinic, retrospect1996Summer8
Food for ThoughtJohn S. O'Connororganizational1996Summer9
Thank You Professor Pat BrowneDanny Barrettmemorial1996Summer10
Using Judo to Augment Your JujitsuJason Daviscross training1996Summer12
Black Belt Promotions 1996announcement, promotion1996Summer13,18, 25
RandoriTed Fehlhabercross training, curriculum1996Summer14
Shin: My '96 Convention ExperienceDoriane Regailiaseminar, convention, retrospect1996Summer17
My Hero, Sensei Richard HagerMichael Jimeneztribute1996Summer18
My Search for the Gentle WayBriton Martinmemoir, introspection, esoteric1996Summer19
Wandering Uke in a FantasyFrank Ferrismemoir1996Summer20
AJJF and the InternetThomas Hillorganizational1996Summer21
Professor Browne's Last ConventionDon Crossmemorial1996Summer22
Makoto Kai Kata Contest 1996tournament, kata, podiums1996Summer24
Board of Managers Meeting March 21, 1996organizational1996Summer27
Professors Tom Ball, Lamar Fisher, James Musselman1996Springcover
From The EditorFrank Ferrisintrospection1996Spring1
The Way of the Warrior; The Peace of Wild Things; A Taoist MeditationCyndi Ferrispoem1996Spring2
Meditation and Breathing Techniquescross training1996Spring2
Notes on Master Okazaki and the Origins of Danzan RyuTom Kinghistorical1996Spring3
Thoughts from a SankyuPedro Colonparable, introspection1996Spring5
Why I Want to be a Black BeltSarah Silvagniintrospection, motivation1996Spring6
Takami BomoGary Smithblack belt exam, retrospect1996Spring7
Black Belt Promotions 1996announcement, promotion1996Spring8
Freestyle Tournament Results Redding Jujitsu Academy 1996tournament, freestyle, podiums1996Spring8
Judan Lamar Fishertribute1996Spring9
Juji KotobaStacey Moselypuzzle1996Spring10
Building and Maintaining Healthy BonesJames Sloanephysical, healing1996Spring11
Dojo Profile Amador Judo and Jujitsu AcademyRory Rebmannorganizational, school head1996Spring13
Dojo Profile Fudo ChiRobert Hudsonorganizational, school head1996Spring13
Dojo Profile Hawaii Jujitsu KoDenKaiSteve J. McLaughlinorganizational, school head1996Spring13
Dojo Profile School of Ancient Martial Arts of Salt LakeMichael Lynch and Tim Lynchorganizational, school head1996Spring14
Dojo Profile Bushidokan Martial Arts TempleHerb LaGueorganizational, school head1996Spring14
Dojo Profile Shingi KanTom Ballorganizational, school head1996Spring14
Dojo Profile Napa Valley Jujitsu SchoolLoretta Cabacungan Silvagniorganizational, school head1996Spring15
Dojo Profile Makoto KaiCynthia Fruehorganizational, school head1996Spring15
Dojo Profile Redding Jujitsu AcademyJane Carrorganizational, school head1996Spring15
The Role of the Basic Lever in JujitsuPhilip Copitchphysical, principles1996Spring16
Yoku Kangaeru Think About this Column of Thoughtsesoteric1996Spring20
Getting Out of the House Hawaiian LuaBob Reishcross training, historical1996Spring21
Board of Managers Meeting January 20, 1996organizational1996Spring25
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1996Spring26
Jimmy Oba and Burkhart Bohm1995Wintercover
From The EditorFrank Ferrisesoteric1995Winter1
In Memory Professor Carl P. BeaverHerb LaGuememorial1995Winter2
Born Into the AJJFSarah Silvagnimemoir1995Winter2
The Best Ever Brown Belt WeekendLamar Fisher and Frank Ferrisseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Winter5
Wandering Uke in the MidwestFrank Ferrisseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Winter6
Herbal and Vitamin Therapy BasicsJames Sloanehealing1995Winter7
Yoku Kangaeru Think About this Column of Thoughtsesoteric1995Winter8
Dojo Profile Santa Clarita Valley School of JujitsuKevin Coltonorganizational, school head1995Winter9
Dojo Profile Koden WazaMichael A. Gleyorganizational, school head1995Winter9
Dojo Profile Kodenkan InstituteJames Musselmanorganizational, school head1995Winter9
Dojo Profile Palouse Jujitsu SchoolTodd Driver and Dan Linderorganizational, school head1995Winter9
AJJF in Jackson Hole, Wyomingseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Winter10
Black Belt Promotions 1995announcement, promotion1995Winter10
Levels of Training in JujitsuDennis Estesmemoir, fundamentals, teaching1995Winter11
Recipe for LeadershipLamar Fisherhistorical, leadership, teaching1995Winter13
From a Himalayan HutAni Chodenesoteric1995Winter14
AAU Nationals 1995 Livermoretournament, podiums1995Winter15
Kata Competition Redding Jujitsu Academy 1995Jane Carrtournament, kata, podiums1995Winter16
Letter to the EditorKevin Coltontournament, motivation1995Winter17
Getting Out of the HouseBob Reishcross training1995Winter18
Board of Professors Meeting August 27, 1995organizational1995Winter19
Board of Managers Meeting September 10, 1995organizational1995Winter20
AJJF Black Belt Convention 1995Cyndi Ferrisseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Winter21
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1995Winter22
The Sword The Sharpening Stone The Forging of Fine BladesNick Libroartwork1995Autumncover
From The EditorFrank Ferrisintrospection1995Autumn2
Birth of a SchoolAnita Shipleyorganizational, school head1995Autumn3
Youth Camp Kodenkan North '95Carolyn Walterseminar, camp, retrospect1995Autumn4
From a Himalayan HutTenzin Chodenesoteric, cross training1995Autumn5
Dr Mr EngineerRandy Schusterphysical, principles1995Autumn6
Black Belt Promotions 1995announcement, promotion1995Autumn7
Can't (Submitted by Someone Who Can)Edgar Guestpoem1995Autumn7
Dojo Profile Calistoga Jujitsu InstituteJess Greenorganizational, school head1995Autumn8
Dojo Profile JuJitsu-Do Martial Arts CenterDon Crossorganizational, school head1995Autumn8
Dojo Profile Kaishinkai DojoRon Jenningsorganizational, school head1995Autumn8
Dojo Profile Renkiohan BudokaiFrank Borgesorganizational, school head1995Autumn8
Test Your Skill and KnowledgeJanice Snyder, Mike Werth, Cynthia Ferris, Frank Ferrisgame1995Autumn9
PassingsGary J. Weinheimerpoem1995Autumn10
Uke in Santa Clarita Valleyseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Autumn11
Yoku Kangaeru Think About this Column of Thoughtsesoteric1995Autumn12
Jujitsu in Mongolia? Camp Kodenkan North '95Mary Ellen Chaneyseminar, camp, retrospect1995Autumn13
Region 7 Contest in Duluth, Minntournament, podiums1995Autumn14
Region 1 Contest in Woodland, CAtournament, freestyle, podiums1995Autumn14
As a WholeJesse Carwinintrospection1995Autumn15
Board of Managers Meeting March 23, 1995organizational1995Autumn16
Board of Managers Meeting June 16, 1995organizational1995Autumn17
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1995Autumn19
AJJF Convention Napa Valley, CA 1995seminar, convention, retrospect1995Autumnback
Professors Robert C. Hudson and Herbert F. La Gue, Rokudansseminar, convention, retrospect1995Summercover
From The EditorFrank Ferrisintrospection, memoir1995Summer1
Black Belt Promotions 1995announcement, promotion1995Summer2
An Interview with Professor Robert HudsonLisa Goldoftasbiography1995Summer3
Region 2 ConventionEd Shatzenseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Summer4
SutemiRobert Hudsonprinciples1995Summer5
The DojoHerb LaGueteaching, school head1995Summer7
Okazaki Restorative MassageEd Shatzenseminar, healing, retrospect1995Summer9
Dojo Profile Fox Valley Judo and Jujitsu ClubMaureen Browneorganizational, school head1995Summer11
Dojo Profile Ternion Dan Zan RyuVern Brekke and Tanja Brekkeorganizational, school head1995Summer11
Dojo Profile Bushido Jutsu KanTom Greenwoodorganizational, school head1995Summer11
Dojo Profile Honshin KanJeff Pennerorganizational, school head1995Summer12
Freestyle Competition Redding Jujitsu Academy 1995tournament, freestyle, podiums1995Summer12
A Column of Thoughts Kangaeesoteric1995Summer13
AJJF Region 2 Kata Contest Results 1995tournament, kata, podiums1995Summer14
Hints in Teaching Judo: A Motor SkillMerlin Estes and Lamar Fisherfundamentals, historical1995Summer15
Board of Professors Meeting May 20, 1995organizational1995Summer17
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1995Summer18
Faces and Placesseminar, retrospect1995Summerback
Larry Nolte and Bud Esteshistorical1995Springcover
From The EditorFrank Ferrisesoteric1995Spring2
To O Kosu To Ui KotoRobb Campbell, Robert Karsten and Karen Kerfootesoteric, black belt exam1995Spring3
The Wandering Ukeseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Spring6
A Place For UsDavid Martincurriculum1995Spring7
Dojo Profile Suburban KodenkaiPat Browneorganizational, school head1995Spring8
Dojo Profile Medford Judo AcademyLarry Nolteorganizational, school head1995Spring8
Dojo Profile Laurel JujitsuJoAnn Strangorganizational, school head1995Spring8
Dojo Profile Stroudsburg JuJitsukaiThomas Hillorganizational, school head1995Spring9
As You SitDavid Arringtonpoem1995Spring9
Black Belt Promotions 1995announcement, promotion1995Spring10
AJJF Nationals Held In LivermorePatricia Rebmanntournament, podiums1995Spring12
Seminar of Intensive Ju Jutsuseminar, clinic, retrospect1995Spring14
Board of Managers Meeting January 29, 1995organizational1995Spring16
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1995Spring19
Mugs from Around the AJJFseminar, retrospect1995Springback
AgatsuClare Obaartwork1994Autumn/Wintercover
From The EditorFrank Ferrisesoteric, organizational1994Autumn/Winter1
Black Belt Weekend 1994 Sensei SongCyndi Ferrisseminar, clinic, retrospect1994Autumn/Winter2
Dues IncreaseVern Brekkeorganizational1994Autumn/Winter3
Twelfth Annual Camp Kodenkan-MidwestKaren Kerfootseminar, camp, retrospect1994Autumn/Winter5
Prof. Jenkins Visits Fox ValleyKaren Kerfootseminar, clinic, retrospect1994Autumn/Winter6
Dojo Profile Cornell JuJitsu KaiRichard Robbinsorganizational, school head1994Autumn/Winter7
Dojo Profile Tora Getsu KodenkaiGerald Halliganorganizational, school head1994Autumn/Winter7
Dojo Profile Jobu Shin KanDennis J. Estesorganizational, school head1994Autumn/Winter7
Santa Clarita Valley Hosts Profs. Congistre and Carrseminar, clinic, retrospect1994Autumn/Winter8
Redding Jujitsu Academy Kata Contest Results 1994tournament, kata, podiums1994Autumn/Winter9
Black Belt Promotions 1994announcement, promotion1994Autumn/Winter10
Jujitsu FindJanice Snyderpuzzle1994Autumn/Winter11
Jujitsu: A Journey Through LifeSarah Silvagnimemoir, motivation1994Autumn/Winter12
My Introduction to Dan Zan RyuRacelle LaMarhealing, memoir1994Autumn/Winter13
1994 Region IV ConventionJohn S O'Connorseminar, clinic, retrospect1994Autumn/Winter14
Kangae A Column of Thoughtsesoteric1994Autumn/Winter15
The Wandering Uketravel, memoir1994Autumn/Winter16
Open LetterStefan B. Sandersmotivation1994Autumn/Winter17
Board of Managers Meeting July 17, 1994organizational1994Autumn/Winter19
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1994Autumn/Winter22
On the Lighter Sideseminar, retrospect1994Autumn/Winterback
Roy Lonnberg and Gerry Halligan1994Summercover
From the EditorsFrank Ferris and Lee Dudleyorganizational1994Summer2
Back to Basics With Aikido/JujitsuA. Gauer-Heiningercross training1994Summer3
The Sending and Receiving of Ancient KnowledgeDon Crossesoteric1994Summer4
The KoDenKan Institute: A Liberal Arts CollegeJ.R. Musselman and Stephen Balzacschool head, teaching1994Summer6
The AJJF Institute: Has Its Time Come?Lee C. Dudleyorganizational1994Summer7
46th Annual AJJF National ConventionJason Cassellseminar, convention, retrospect1994Summer8
The Dan Rank Giftsleadership1994Summer9
Convention Freestyle Contest Results 1994tournament, freestyle, podiums1994Summer9
Mizu No Kokoro and MeTom McGahernintrospection1994Summer10
Blood: It May Be A Killer!Christine Pritchardhealing, safety1994Summer12
NageJocelyn Hoffmanpoem1994Summer13
Thanks, Prof. Fisherseminar, clinic, retrospect1994Summer13
Black Belt Promotions 1994announcement, promotion1994Summer13
Board of Managers Meeting April 14, 1994organizational1994Summer14
AJJF Organization and Committeesorganizational1994Summer15
1994 AAU National Jujitsu Championshipstournament, podiums1994Summerback