The AJJF Operations Committee

This page provides contact information for the AJJF Operations Committee, Corporate Directors, Executive Committee, Regional Managers, and other staff. The roles and responsibilities of the committee may be found in the AJJF School Handbook.

The AJJF maintains a list of email addresses for most of its business functions. That list can be found here.

AJJF Operations Committee

TitleNameE-mail AddressPhone Number
Chair, Operations CommitteePete St. 306-0089
Secretary, Operations
Ron 574-1191
National Manager of CommunicationsStephen R. 461-4814 [H]
WebmasterPatrick 996-0578
Marketing CommitteeThabiti 989-5209
Chair, Kiai EchoJason 269-9128
National Manager of FinanceKatie 756-8256
[message only]
Chair, Accounting CommitteeKatie 756-8256
[message only]
Chair, Insurance & Sanctions CommitteeKathie 554-4324
Chair, Fundraising & InitiativesMatthew 359-7541
National Manager of RegionsJeanette 370-0485
Chair, Allied Committee Prof. Geoff 895-0781
National Manager of EventsDelina
Chair, Conventions CommitteeHarry
Chair, Exams CommitteeDominic 738-0621
Chair, Clinics and ContestsJohn 220-1756
(866) 215-2918 [F]
Chair, Awards CommitteeKerry 713-3230
Store ManagerJeff
Chair, CSITim
Chair, MembershipRyan 591-8350

AJJF Regional Managers

For Standard Schools Outside the US Please contact National Manager of Regions

TitleNameE-mail AddressPhone NumberMailing List
National Manager of RegionsJeanette McGrathregions@ajjf.org406-370-0485
NorthWest RegionJoe Bendorfjmbdzr@gmail.com530-848-5533List
SouthWest RegionBrian Sincombdzrbrian@gmail.com661-505-8878List
Rockies RegionJeannette McGrathyamanakajujitsu@gmail.com406-370-0485List
Hawaii RegionTravis Prosetprose2000@gmail.com808-756-1943List
MidWest RegionNate Hillnate@frozendream.comList
NorthEast RegionRichard Goliar_pg_2@yahoo.comList
SouthEast RegionJohn Morrisonjohnssword@aol.comList

AJJF Board of Directors

Title Name E-mail Address Phone Number
President and Chairman of the Board of DirectorsProf. Geoff
Vice PresidentProf. Robert 441-1052
Treasurer and CFO Prof. John 988-3017
Secretary Prof. Sheryl 
MemberProf. Kevin 255-6000 [dojo]
(661) 296-9347 [H]
MemberPete St. 306-0089
MemberKatie 756-8256
[message only]
MemberCynthia 662-5662
MemberTim Merrill

AJJF Executive Committee

Title Name E-mail Address Phone Number
Senior ProfessorSenior Prof. Tom 468-2305
President of the AJJFProf. Geoff 895-0781
Vice PresidentProf. Robert 441-1052
Treasurer and CFO Prof. John 988-3017
Secretary Prof. Sheryl 
MemberProf. Don 683-2912
(541) 683-5533 [F]
MemberProf. Tom 
MemberProf. Troy
MemberProf. Thomas 791-0764

AJJF Examinations Committee Members

Title Name EmailPhone
Committee ChairDominic 738-0621
NorthWest RegionKeith 848-4337
SouthWest RegionJohn 374-7898
Rockies RegionJeanette 370-0485
Hawaii RegionTravis 756-1943
Central USWard 525-9472
NorthEast RegionCara 722-7655
SouthEast RegionDavid 730-4222
Outside the United StatesContact Committee Chair

Other Positions

Title Name E-mail Address Phone Number
Central Office ContractorDianna 850-AJJF
Central Office Database Administrator Jeff
Healing Arts ProgramEd 376-1725 [H]
Ethics ProgramCynthia 662-5662
Background Screen ProgramEd 376-1725 [H]