Professor James Musselman

Past Professor - AJJF Professor 1960

Jim began studying jujitsu with Prof. Estes in December, 1948.  He progressed though the kyu ranks and soon began teaching classes of his own. He has stated many schools in California.  Seeking a job in broadcasting, he moved to Hollywood, where he started the Hollywood YMCA Judo & Jujitsu Club.  Soon, he started the Oroville Judo & Jujitsu Club.  The job of police officer led to his move to Orland where he started Orland Judo & Jujitsu Club. When he moved to Eureka, he started the Eureka Judo & Jujitsu Club, then it was on to Las Vegas to work in television.  There he started the Las Vegas YMCA Judo & Jujitsu Club.  He also established the Sparks Judo & Jujitsu Club in Reno, Nevada. An employment move led him to start the Kodenkan Institute in Sacramento.  Later, he moved to San Francisco and began teaching at Kodenkan Judo & Jujitsu Group of San Francisco, Inc., at San Carlos, where he currently teaches. Jim has been a motion picture operator and a newspaper photographer.  He has also attended the Don Martin School of Broadcasting.  He has been a radio and television announcer, and has held such jobs in media as cinema photographer, audio engineer and video cameraman. His AJJF jujitsu ranks include:  Shodan (1952), Nidan (1954), Sandan (1956), Godan and title of Professor (1960) and Rokudan (1988). Professor Musselman retired from the AJJF in 2007.


Reprinted from Danzan Ryu:  An Unbroken Tradition (1992) by permission of the author, Mary L. Boland.