Professor Florendo Visitaction

AJJF Professor 1966
June 11, 1910 – January 4, 1999

Born in 1910 in the Philippines, Florendo learned jujitsu in his youth from his older brother and uncle.

In 1946, Florendo had made New York his home and began to develop his own style of martial art which he would later title Vee Jitsu.

In 1955, he began teaching Vee Jitsu to a few students.  His system became more popular and over the next decade he studied many different martial arts including Kodenkan jujitsu, karate, judo and aikido among others in order to expand his style.

By 1965, Florendo became heavily involved with gung Fu and changed his teachings to reflect this philosophy.  A number of schools perpetuated Vee Jitsu today: most of these are on the East Coast.

He was awarded the rank of Godan and made a Professor of the AJJF on February 26, 1966.

Shortly after, Professor Visitaction retired from the AJJF.

Reprinted from Danzan Ryu:  An Unbroken Tradition (1992) by permission of the author, Mary L. Boland.