Professor Carl Lundin

July 4, 1911 – May 7, 1996

Carl Lundin, a Professor in the AJJF, was born on July 4, 1911 in the Bronx, New York. Before JuJitsu, Carl helped build the Empire State Building, was an aircraft precision layout expert for Kaiser Aerospace and Lockheed Aircraft Corp. During the war (WWII) Carl worked at Mare Island Navy Yard as a ship fitter. During his adventures as a young man, he saved several lives as a life guard, boat racer and scuba diver.

One day Carl was sitting in a cafe when he overheard two JuJitsu students discussing their lessons in Law’s dojo in Oakland. Carl listened and thought that this is for me! Carl investigated Law’s and quickly rushed to sign up for JuJitsu lessons. He was so enthralled with Okazaki’s JuJitsu and philosophy, he made it his hobby donating more than 30 years to JuJitsu and the AJJF in its early years. As Carl continued in JuJitsu, he became an integral part of Professor Law and the Law dojo’s great success. Carl was involved with almost all of the 17,000 plus students that practiced Judo and JuJitsu in Law’s dojo.

Carl was very much impressed by Okazaki’s esoteric principles of Judo. Carl believed that they were written for him and his life style. He used the principles as a base to develop his open mindedness and goodwill towards others. He mastered the JuJitsu arts and added his own secrets to help teach the arts easier to everyone. Carl was inspirational to many young people, the author included. He helped young people to realize their potential and to succeed in life.

Carl’s application of advanced DanZan Ryu arts helped him remain calm and collected in the face of danger and adverse situations. He demonstrated remarkable self-discipline when confronted with challenging situations and events. He was a great role model for everyone involved in JuJitsu by demonstrating these principles.

We will all miss Carl, but we hope his help and attitudes toward others will survive in the world to make it a better place. Carl passed away May 7, 1996 in Silverton, Oregon

Biography by Professor John Congistre
Taken from the 1996 Summer Kiai Echo